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PH2019-08-21 17:40
Taiwan kickstarts automation trade show

The 2019 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition kicked off at Nangang Exhibition Center halls 1 and 2 on Wednesday (Aug. 21), spotlighting the world’s leading manufacturers of ind...

PH2019-08-21 13:30
Taiwan and Vietnam deepen medical ties

The Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT), Taiwan's Cathay General Hospital, and Vietnam's Viet Duc Hospital have joined forces in a medical workshop and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) ...

PH2019-08-21 13:30
Taiwan record label, MOC to hold musician exchange in Malaysia

The 2019 Taiwan x Malaysia Musician Exchange, held jointly by record label Taiwan Colors Music (角頭音樂) and the Ministry of Culture's Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID), wi...

PH2019-08-20 16:00
National Taiwan University develops smart agriculture

National Taiwan University (NTU) has joined hands with the drone industry to establish the Apex Agri-Intelligence Lab on Monday (Aug. 19). NTU's College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture collabo...

PH2019-08-20 13:30
Taiwan Plus to return to Tokyo

The General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC, 中華文化總會) will hold Taiwan Plus 2019 Taiwan Shin Kankaku in Tokyo, Japan, this September to promote Taiwan's culture. Zhang Tiezhi (張鐵志), the dep...

PH2019-08-20 09:00
Self-service bookstore opens in Taipei

A self-service bookstore has opened in Taipei and features 10,000 secondhand books with only two prices. The bookstore, which is located on Taipei's Xinhai Road, has neither a name nor a clerk....

PH2019-08-19 16:30
Taipei Fringe Festival to feature 500 performances

The Taipei Fringe Festival 2019 will feature 500 performances and starts Saturday (Aug. 24), running until Sept. 8. Taipei Fringe Festival (TFF) gathers 131 groups of artists from Japan, the United...

PH2019-08-19 14:10
Grass sledding playground opens in New Taipei

A new playground was opened at the New Taipei Metropolitan Park (新北大都會公園) on Sunday (Aug. 18) for kids to enjoy grass sledging. A first of its kind in Taiwan, the slope is covered with a waterfall-...

PH2019-08-19 09:40
Main line of Taiwan’s Alishan Forest Railway to resume operation on Aug 31

Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office (AFRCHO) said on Saturday (Aug. 17) that the main line of Alishan Forest Railway in southwestern Taiwan will stop operation until Aug. 31 due to lan...

PH2019-08-18 12:40
Earthquake of 4.8 magnitude strikes Hualien, Taiwan

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck eastern Taiwan's Hualien County on Sunday (Aug. 18) shortly after noon, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB). The epicenter of the temblor was 27.8 ki...

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