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PH2014-06-16 22:04
Taitung: New Immigrants bring various performances on June 14

To build up a friendly surrounding for new immigrants, Taitung County Government held an activity to invite new immigrants to show their talents on June 14, aiming to promote people in the community t...

PH2014-06-16 22:04
A driver seized for illegal foreign workers hire, NIA official says

The National Immigration Agency Taichung City First Brigade finds that a 40-year-old man Mr. Lin who engages in contracted projects drives a van to carry a car of illegal foreign workers to have the p...

PH2014-06-13 21:00
Foreign spouse wins Magistrate Award in Hualien County

National Hualien Commercial High School earlier held the graduation ceremony. Vietnamese born new immigrant Wu Pi-yuan who graduated from the subsidiary school of NHCHS and that moreover, she also rec...

PH2014-06-13 21:00
Vietnamese born new immigrant Cheng Yu-ku selected as “Tzu Chiang Mother”

Vietnamese born foreign spouse Cheng Yu-ku had married with Taiwanese husband for fourteen years. Her husband is so poor but Cheng takes care of her family without any complaints. Earlier, Liuying Dis...

PH2014-06-13 21:00
Foreign spouse acts as Head of Neighborhood in Taiwan

The head of Neighborhood 16, Dongmen Village in Zhongzheng District in Taipei City is unique, she is a Dominican born new immigrant, Rhaenys. Her featured appearance is different with Taiwanese and ca...

PH2014-06-12 21:22
French son-in-law exhibits works to show beauty in paintings

Chiang Lung is a French and his original name is Jean Pierre who is Taiwanese son-in-law used to work in financial service industry. He integrates the calligraphy and western painting skill after he l...

PH2014-06-11 23:20
Cebu: Shabu worth PHP8 million seized

An amount of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) worth PHP8 million has been discovered by the police in Cebu city on Monday, for which two suspects were arrested, according to ABS-CBN News. The...

PH2014-06-11 21:41
Taiwanese daughter-in-law acts as lecturer for Japanese cuisine program

Tucheng Women University invites Taiwanese daughter-in-law Nagahama Tomoko to give lesson for authentic Japanese cuisine. Tomoko likes traveling and she had been worked and learned Mandarin in Chin...

PH2014-06-11 21:41
The first Egyptian-born new immigrant retired from substitute civilian serviceman in Taipei City

If you had visited the Household Registrations Office, Daan District, Taipei City, you probably saw a Middle Eastern person who wears the uniform of substitute civilian serviceman. He is Chou He-shan ...

PH2014-06-11 21:38
NIA cooperates with Yanshui Farmer’s Association to establish new immigrant agricultural service group

Taiwan is facing a far greater shortage of manpower in agriculture. In addition, the manpower in agriculture in Taiwan consisted mostly of new immigrants. These new immigrants are industrious and humb...