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PH2014-06-19 21:37
Household Registration Office, Zhonghsan District Office and Zhongshan District Office assist new immigrant to complete naturalization

Household Registration Office, Zhonghsan District Office earlier cooperates with Zhongshan District Office to help a single mother Miss Nuan who is a Vietnamese born new immigrant to complete the natu...

PH2014-06-17 15:37
Chinese born new immigrants feel difficult to bring up children due to cultural differences

Due to the cross-strait differences in cultures, the Chinese born new immigrants usually face the difficulties to bring up their children. Moreover, some of their children face the discrimination on c...

PH2014-06-17 15:20
New overseas voters may exceed 1 million, Philippines

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Voting Secretariat (DFA-OVS), released on Friday the tally for the first month of overseas voter (OV) registration in preparation for the 2016 Presidential ...

PH2014-06-16 22:14
New Taipei City held celebration ceremony for Filipinos in Taiwan to celebrate 2014 Philippine Independence Day

Philippine authority celebrated its 116th Independence Day in June 12. To honor the Filipino labors in Taiwan, New Taipei City Government held the ceremony for them to celebrate 2014 Philippine Indepe...

PH2014-06-16 22:04
Foreign spouses teach children mother tongue, becoming desirable selective courses for Taiwanese students

The demand of talents in languages of Southeast Asia jumps due to the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. In addition, the schools also encourage new immigrant mothers to teach children their mother t...

PH2014-06-16 22:04
British girl marries with Taiwanese guy and opens a diner in Tamsui District

Amy Rattigan comes from Britain. Amy had been traveled in Beijing, China couple years ago. She met Dang Tzu-yi who is Taiwanese in a bar of hostel. She is active to talk to Dang and began dating and a...

PH2014-06-13 20:59
NCYU releases first Vietnamese parent-child game book

The director of Department of Early Childhood Education, National Chiayi University Yeh Yu-chin said it had launched the National Torch Project for two years. However, the mother tongue programs face ...

PH2014-06-13 16:10
Job fair schedule for June announced

The June job fair schedule has been announced by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), which advised job seekers to take advantage of the opportunities. “On the occasion of the count...

PH2014-06-12 21:22
NIA grants African priest permanent residency permit

The National Immigration Agency yesterday granted permanent residency permit for Kao Fu-nan who is a priest from Africa to honor his devotion to Taiwan. Kao is from Congo and spends more than quart...

PH2014-06-12 21:22
German woman becomes accredited Hippotherapy coach to take care of daughter

Lin Wu-tien is a German, Taiwanese daughter-in-law becomes Hippotherapy coach accidently in order to take care of her little daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. Moreover, she also cultivates Sun...