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PH2019-06-20 08:00
I-Mei Foods exhibits at 2019 Taipei International Food Show

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After a hiatus of 10 years, Taiwan’s food giant I-Mei Foods (義美食品) is once again taking part in the four-day Taipei International Food Show, from Wednesday (June 19) to S...

PH2019-06-16 08:00
Taiwan’s StarLux Airlines to launch first flights January 2020

Taipei-headquartered StarLux Airlines (星宇航空) announced plans to operate its first flights in January 2020, with tickets available as early as December. The company is working on flight scheduling, ...

PH2019-06-16 08:00
Apple opens second Taiwan store

Apple Inc. opened its second store in Taiwan Saturday (June 15), just a short distance away from its first store inside Taipei 101. As with the opening of the previous shop, in July 2017, fans of t...

PH2019-06-16 08:00
Taiwan Research Institute sees 2.08 % GDP growth for 2019

Amid the uncertainty caused by the trade war between the United States and China, the Taiwan Research Institute (TRI, 台綜院) is putting the country’s economic growth at 2.08 percent for this year....

PH2019-06-14 08:30
Huawei cancels laptop launch due to US ban

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Chinese tech behemoth Huawei is beginning to feel the pinch by Washington’s move to ban American firms from doing business with it as it announced cancellation of th...

PH2019-06-14 08:30
Google shifts hardware manufacturing from China to Taiwan to avoid tariffs

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Tech giant Google is reportedly moving its hardware production from China to Taiwan amid an escalating trade conflict that will see Chinese exports to the U.S. hit with ta...

PH2019-06-13 08:30
Taiwan’s ITRI strikes electric vehicle deal in Thailand

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI, 工研院) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Thai company Panus Assembly to develop electric vehicles in the late...

PH2019-06-12 08:00
China takes trade war to Hollywood

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – China is expanding its trade war with the United States by barring Hollywood films and sacking American actors, Britain’s Telegraph reported recently. Even withou...

PH2019-06-07 08:30
Reuters : Promising 13,000 U.S. jobs, Taiwan-based Foxconn moved 155 to Mexico

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In an exclusive article published on June 5, Reuters reported that Taiwan-based Foxconn had moved 155 jobs from its factory in Indiana to Mexico, casting even more doubt o...

PH2019-06-06 08:30
2nd Apple Taiwan store to open in Taipei on June 15

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Apple Inc., is set to open its second Taiwan store in Taipei's Xinyi District on June 15, announced the company on Wednesday (June 5). The new structure has been erected...

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