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PH2019-09-13 11:00
Pingtung to host Taiwan's longest ever Double Ten Day fireworks display

A 42-minute fireworks extravaganza will illuminate the night sky above a riverside park in Pingtung in southern Taiwan on Oct. 10 as the country celebrates the National Day, reported theCentral News A...

PH2019-09-12 14:00
Taichung posts latest video promoting the city

Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau posted the latest video promoting the city on the Taichung Travel Net website on Monday (Sept. 9). According to the introduction, Taichung City Government worked ...

PH2019-09-12 11:00
Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera set to entertain at Kuandu Arts Festival

A packed Kuandu Arts Festival that will feature 70 programs will take place from Sept. 20-Dec. 1. The 27th edition of the Kuandu Arts Festival is hosted by Taipei National University of the Arts (T...

PH2019-09-11 16:00
Natural beauty at eco-friendly fashion show

An eco-friendly fashion show on Sept. 17 at Heping Island Park (和平島公園) in Keelung will feature a catwalk leading down to the seashore, according to a Liberty Times report on Tuesday (Sept. 10). It&...

PH2019-09-09 11:00
Taipei Dept. of Health offers healthy BBQ tips for Mid-Autumn Festival

As barbecuing has become a popular pastime of families in Taiwan during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Taipei Department of Health (DOH) has offered the public timely tips for a healthy BBQ ahead of...

PH2019-09-08 14:00
Two women suspected of double suicide in New Taipei

Two women in their thirties are suspected of making a suicide pact with each other after disappearing near the Bitan (碧潭) scenic area in New Taipei’s Xindian District (新店). The two women surn...

PH2019-09-08 11:00
Puyuma Express train catches fire in Eastern Taiwan

On Friday (Sept. 6), a Puyuma Express Train (No. 448) after departing Taitung and heading north, caught fire as it pulled into Shoufeng (壽豐) station in Hualien County around 10:39 p.m. According to...

PH2019-09-08 09:00
Train overturns car and kills driver in east Taiwan

A Taroko Express train smashed into a car stalled on the tracks between Hualien City and Ji’an Friday (September 6) afternoon, killing the driver. Investigators were focusing their probe on w...

PH2019-09-07 14:00
Kaohsiung grandma sells fish balls to cover comatose grandson's medical bills

A 76-year-old woman surnamed Chen (陳) in Kaohsiung is selling fish balls to try to help cover her grandson's medical bills, after he suffered a scooter accident and has been in a coma for two mont...

PH2019-09-02 09:00
Taiwan’s leopard cat lives saved by road culverts

Culverts are being constructed to preserve Taiwan’s endangered leopard cat population and the initiative seems to be working. In a Facebook video post published on Saturday (Aug. 31), the For...

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