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PH2019-06-24 06:30
Taiwan artist launches 'Kiss Me' exhibition to commemorate deceased mother

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)— Taiwan artist Attilio Chien launched a solo exhibition, “Kiss Me”, featuring 30 works in commemoration of his deceased mother. The exhibition runs through June ...

PH2019-06-19 10:30
New Taipei City's new resident studied hard Mandarin, received the Mayor Award

On June 17, the Education Department, New Taipei City held the "2018 National High School Graduates Mayor Awards Ceremony" to recognize outstanding graduate students with outstanding perform...

PH2019-06-18 09:20
New Taipei City held the celebration of Philippines Independence Day at Xingfu Shuiyang Park

On June 16, the Labor Affairs Bureau of the New Taipei City Government and the Manila Economic and Cultural Office jointly held "Philippines 121 Independence Day and Migrant Worker Happy Running ...

PH2019-06-14 13:40
Pearl S. Foundation holds Charity Dinner to donate money for the education of new-second generation

Recently, the Pearl S. Buck Foundation of Taipei City has held a charity dinner named "Sai Pearl’s Eternal New Love". In addition to charity auctions and fundraising, the event also sa...

PH2019-06-13 08:30
Taiwan NSO features European musicians at National Concert Hall

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)— The National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) hosts the classical music event “Promenade in Summer Breeze” and has invited a French pianist and a Swiss conductor to per...

PH2019-06-11 10:50
International Council of Museum Conference, Taiwan Debuted the Warm-up Seminar

The International Council of Museum Conference will be held in September, located in Kyoto and Taiwan is invited to participate. For the warm up, Taiwan will hold a seminar in July and August, have an...

PH2019-06-10 08:30
Hot air balloon rides at Taiwan’s Shihmen Reservoir open for registration from June 10

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The first batch of hot air balloon rides at Taoyuan’s Shihmen Reservoir on the mornings and afternoons of June 15 -18 will be open for online registration from 10:30...

PH2019-06-06 11:10
Chiayi New resident child wrapped rice dumplings for his grandma

The Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner, Chiayi Family Support Center (嘉義家扶中心) held the Dragon Boat Festival activity “Zongzi Leaves Fragrance activity” on the morning of June 2, 201...

PH2019-06-05 08:30
Modern pianist Boris Giltburg to perform at Taipei National Concert Hall Tuesday night

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese company Newaspect Environment Well Vision Culture & Creation (新象‧環境‧藝之美文創) invited pianist Boris Giltburg for a piano recital at National Concert Hall on Jun...

PH2019-06-04 11:00
Kaohsiung City found six new cases of local dengue fever

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced on June 2 that six new cases of local dengue fever were reported in Sanmin District of Kaohsiung City. The location of the six confirmed cases was close...

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