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PH2019-09-17 17:20
Taiwan holds voting simulation for new immigrants

The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) held a voting simulation event on Tuesday (Sept. 17) to help familiarize new immigrants with Taiwan's ballot casting procedure as the country gears up for the ge...

PH2019-09-17 16:00
First Kinmen-Brunei charter flights take off in November

The first charter flights between Kinmen and Brunei will be launched on Nov. 23 from Kinmen, CNA reported on Monday (Sept. 16.) Departures will take tourists from Kinmen to Brunei on a five-day tou...

PH2019-09-17 14:00
Taiwanese voice actress behind Shin-chan dies at age 49

Chiang Tu-hui (蔣篤慧), the voice actress behind popular anime characters such as Crayon Shin-chan and Chibi Maruko-chan for Taiwanese audiences, died this morning (Sept. 16) of complications from cancer...

PH2019-09-17 12:00
Taiwan Coast Guard dog squad beefs up border security

The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) of Taiwan launched a dog unit for its Northern Branch on Monday (Sept. 16) in a bid to crack down on border crime and bolster disease prevention. The canine uni...

PH2019-09-17 11:00
Video promoting cycling in Taiwan wins Magellan Awards

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau was announced as a 2019 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards silver winner on Sept. 11 for a video promoting cycling in Taiwan to the world, according to a press release from the bu...

PH2019-09-17 09:00
Old Tainan Watercourse to be reborn as museum in southern Taiwan

A Tainan heritage site transformed into the Hilltop Garden Watercourse Museum (山上花園水道博物館) will open to the public on the National Day of Taiwan on Oct. 10. The reinvigorated facility in southern Ta...

PH2019-09-16 16:00
Taiwan government to allocate NT$40 billion to long-term care for 2020

The government has plans to allocate NT$40 billion in funds for long-term care services in 2020, said President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on Sunday (Sept. 16). The president paid a visit to the Blessed an...

PH2019-09-16 14:00
Jimmy’s floating super moon appears at New Taipei’s Bitan

A 15-meter floating moon created by famed graphic artist Jimmy’s team has appeared at New Taipei’s Bitan (碧潭) Scenic Area and will remain there until Nov. 13, Central News Agency (CNA) rep...

PH2019-09-16 12:00
Lighting up 'Remains of the 13 Levels' in New Taipei ruins area's tranquility, say locals

The lighting of the "Remains of the 13 Levels" in NE Taiwan since this year's Mid-Autumn Festival has many local residents fearful that the quiet coastal community of Shuinandong (水湳洞) w...

PH2019-09-16 11:00
Rescued bear cub in S. Taiwan receives name at Bunun ceremony

Local indigenous Bunun communities in Taiwan’s Taitung County that have been caring for an abandoned black bear cub have decided to name the cub after a village matriarch named Mulas, according ...

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