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PH2019-05-19 08:40
2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival celebrates sounds of the waves

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival will kick off at Torik Visitor Center (都歷遊客中心) in Taitung County on June 21, promising a range of events that explore the ess...

PH2019-05-13 11:10
Essential Oil for Ease the Mind Calling the New Residents to Learn Freely

People in modern time usually work under pressure, and have the burden in family, since in the morning till night, the physical and mental fatigue is not easy to eliminate. New resident friends facing...

PH2019-05-11 08:20
Taiwan First Nations creatives shine at YIRRAMBOI festival in Australia

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Indigenous Taiwanese artists are being celebrated in a week-long program for the first time at this year’s YIRRAMBOI Festival for First Nations arts in Melbourne, Au...

PH2019-05-10 14:30
NIA celebrated Mother’s Day with new residents and children

Today (10), National Immigration Agency (NIA) specially invited new resident mothers from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Cambodia and the mainland China to share Mother...

PH2019-05-09 10:50
NIA free computer courses for new residents and children is now open for registration

In order to response to the Government's Digital Care Policy, National Immigration Agency has started a free computer course for new residents from May to November and invites new residents and th...

PH2019-05-09 08:20
Keelung Harbor navy mega project enters construction stage

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍), and Minister of National Defense Yen The-fa (嚴德發) attended the groundbreak...

PH2019-05-03 09:00
Celebrating the 4th million population, New Taipei City will draw lucky persons to receive a wonderful gift

The population in New Taipei City has reached 4 million. In order to celebrate this milestone, New Taipei City Government gave the resident who is before and after the 4th million 100 grams gold and t...

PH2019-04-29 10:10
Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival will kick off at Taipei Main Station on May 3-5

In 2019, the “Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival” will be held in the Central Exhibition Area of Taipei Main Station from May 3 (Fri) to 5 (Sun). According to the China Times News, &ldq...

PH2019-04-26 13:00
Traditional wedding exhibition of new immigrants from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia in Taichung City

In order to promote the culture of new immigrants and multicultural exchanges, the Taichung Municipal Government Civil Affairs Bureau has held the "New Residents Traditional Wedding Exhibition&qu...

PH2019-04-21 08:20
Penghu fireworks festival lights up the night sky in southern Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The opening ceremony of the Penghu International Fireworks Festival concluded Thursday night (April 18) after a spectacular display that lit up the sky for over 30,000 onl...

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