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PH2019-09-14 09:00
Taiwan sends gay-themed comedy ‘Dear Ex’ to Oscars

The award-winning gay-themed comedy “ Dear Ex” (誰先愛上他的) will represent Taiwan at the 2020 Academy Awards, reports said Thursday (September 12). The movie will compete in the category fo...

PH2019-09-13 16:00
Memorial for Filipina killed by acid spill to be held in W. Taiwan today

A memorial for Deserie Castro Tagubasi, a Filipina factory worker who died from an acid spill at an electronics factory in western Taiwan, will be held this evening (Sept. 12) in Miaoli County. The...

PH2019-09-13 14:00
Wantan Historic Trail abounds with natural scenery

The Wantan Historic Trail (彎潭古道), part of the centuries-old Tamsui Kavalan Historical Trails (淡蘭古道) connecting Taipei and Yilan, abounds with natural scenery, and despite its remoteness, is one of the...

PH2019-09-13 12:00
Taipei parents cry foul at Baby Boss closure

Many parents are saddened by the news that Baby Boss, a simulated city in which children could role-play various jobs, will be clocking out for good on Nov. 30. Wednesday morning (Sept. 11) at 12 a...

PH2019-09-13 11:00
Pingtung to host Taiwan's longest ever Double Ten Day fireworks display

A 42-minute fireworks extravaganza will illuminate the night sky above a riverside park in Pingtung in southern Taiwan on Oct. 10 as the country celebrates the National Day, reported theCentral News A...

PH2019-09-13 09:00
Taiwanese nutritionist says mooncakes pack 1,000 calories, same as double whopper

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is rapidly approaching and mooncakes will soon be in abundance, a Taiwanese nutritionist is advocating eating the pastries in moderation since they pack up to 1,000 calories...

PH2019-09-12 16:00
Moon-viewing odds in Taiwan brighten, tropical storm could bring rain Sun.

As a tropical depression to the east of the Philippines has been slow to form, conditions for viewing the moon on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept. 13) appear better now, while by Sunday (Se...

PH2019-09-12 14:00
Taichung posts latest video promoting the city

Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau posted the latest video promoting the city on the Taichung Travel Net website on Monday (Sept. 9). According to the introduction, Taichung City Government worked ...

PH2019-09-12 12:00
Second wave of mangosteens to hit 10 stores in Taiwan Wed.

The second shipment of mangosteens (山竹) are hitting store shelves at 10 Carrefour branches across Taiwan on Wednesday (Sept. 11), 16 years after Taiwan banned imports of the exotic purple fruits from ...

PH2019-09-12 11:00
Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera set to entertain at Kuandu Arts Festival

A packed Kuandu Arts Festival that will feature 70 programs will take place from Sept. 20-Dec. 1. The 27th edition of the Kuandu Arts Festival is hosted by Taipei National University of the Arts (T...

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