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PH2019-04-01 11:30
Take the Taipei MRT from April 1 to June 30, Elderly could get Free Coupons

Starting from April 1 (Monday) to June 30 (Sunday), Taipei MRT promotes the “Take the MRT, Enjoyable and Relax for the Elderly” activity. If the elderly take the MRT for 30 times, accumula...

PH2019-03-25 12:00
A second-generation new resident works hard to fights against poverty despite broken arm.

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families held the "2019 National Self-improved Children's Recognition" at Fullon Hotel in Taipei on this (24th) day. A total of 23 self-improved children...

PH2019-03-18 14:00
It is not easy to take Driver’s License test? Miaoli will hold Counseling Course to help new residents to get Driver’s License

In order to let more new residents understand Taiwan's traffic rules and safety-related common sense, address the needs of daily travel and to enhance the convenience of life, and help new residen...

PH2019-03-18 07:50
Indian Holi Festival brings burst of colors to Taipei

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The "Indian Holi Taipei" festival held on Saturday (March 16) in Taipei saw over 650 attendees celebrate Holi, the "Festival of Colors, and enjoyed the day with ...

PH2019-03-14 10:10
NIA promotes harmony among new residents and families by massaging

In order to promote the harmony between the family and marriage of the new resident and also to respond to the White Valentine's Day, on March 12, National Immigration Agency (NIA), Yunlin County ...

PH2019-03-13 12:00
" The 2019 Climate Change Painting Competition” is ready for registration! "Let’s go! Energy Detective" theme: maximum prize NT$8,000

The annual " The 2019 Climate Change Painting Competition” is open for registration! This year's theme is "Let’s go! Energy Detective". The event welcomes domestic and f...

PH2019-03-13 10:20
1095 Opening the Interpreter Training Program for New Residents and Migrants Counseling

1095 is a migrant service organization in the central region of Taiwan. This year, the “Bilingual Interpreter Training Program of Mental Health Counseling” is launched. Starting on March 3...

PH2019-03-11 10:20
Eslite Invites You to Donate the Books and Help the New Residents to Enjoy the Books!

Recently, the Eslite Culture and Art Foundation cooperate with the Brilliant Time Southeast Asian theme Bookstore. They hope that when you are traveling to Southeast Asia for leisure or business, you ...

PH2019-03-09 08:00
Celebrate spring and Indian culture at Grand Holi Taipei 2019

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Saturday, March 9, Taipei’s Out of India restaurant will be hosting one of the most exciting holiday events all year, “The Grand Holi Taipei 2019.” ...

PH2019-03-05 09:20
Environmental protection concept is popular! Miaoli New Residents Service Center will teach you how to make environment friendly cleaner

According to household registration statistics, as of the end of January 2019, Miaoli County has registered more than 15,000 new residents. In order to service the majority of new residents in the cou...