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PH2019-07-17 13:10
Children Experienced the NIA Officers’ Role Parts to Cultivate the International Perspective

Today (July 17), the Immigration Department (NIA) organized the “Little Immigration Officers Visiting Experience”. About 80 children are placed to learn about the NIA officers’ role ...

PH2019-07-17 11:10
The Ministry of Education starts first course for Chinese language teachers The application is open to students from the new southbound

In order to implement the teaching of Chinese language in the New Southbound, the Ministry of Education has promoted the project of the Chinese Language Teacher Resource Center and, for the first time...

PH2019-07-16 14:00
Taiwan won 2 gold and 3 silver medals, ranking 5th in the International Physics Olympiad

In this year's International Physics Olympiad, Taiwan won a total of 2 gold and 3 silver medals, getting the 5th position in the international rankings. The Ministry of Education recently issue...

PH2019-07-15 10:20
This year's No. 5 typhoon “Danas” will fastest form tonight!

This year's No. 5 typhoon “Danas” (named after the Philippines) will fastest form tonight (July 15th), the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said that the low-pressure belt in the eastern p...

PH2019-07-11 14:00
The foreign husband of a Taiwanese was lost in the middle of a rainy night and asked for help to the police.

On the evening of June 26, a man from Pakistan, thoroughly flustered, entered into the Songshan Branch of the Taipei Police Station asking for help. After the inquiry, the police found that the man ha...

PH2019-07-10 15:00
New residents determined to serve as a bridge between Taiwan and Vietnam

On July 9, the Director of the Immigration Department, Qiu Fengguang, the Director of the Legal Affairs Division of the Mainland Affairs Council, Cai Zhiru, and the Deputy Director of the Legal Depart...

PH2019-07-09 10:10
“Starlux Airlines” has 13 routes and tickets will be sales in December!

The “Starlux Airlines” founded by the former Chairman of Eva Air, Zhang Guo-wei (張國煒), is expected to operate at the end of January next year (2020). The Storm Media and the anue report...

PH2019-07-09 10:10
Calling for Migrant Workers to Pay Attention, Do Not Deceived by the Irresponsible People

There are some unscrupulous communication operators who are trying to convince the migrant workers to provide their personal identities (ID) when they just moving in to Taiwan. The reason is to apply ...

PH2019-07-08 12:30
Austria becomes first EU country to ban glyphosate.

The Austrian Parliament, leading the European countries on July 2, adopted the "prevention-based principle" to completely ban totally of using the herbicide Glyphosate, which is considered b...

PH2019-07-08 09:40
Taiwan extends the visa-free for Thailand, Brunei, the Philippines and Russia until the end of July 2020

In order to promote the government's new southbound policy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan announced on July 2 that since August 01, 2018, the visa-free trials for Thailand, Brunei, the...

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