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Gambian student hopes he can apply Taiwan education’s strong point to home country

2014-11-27 13:10

In September 2013, Omar, a Gambian student came to Taiwan National Chung Cheng University so study master degree course. He was born in Gambia, Africa, and used to work as teacher in secondary school. Omar said he hoped that he can apply Taiwan education’s strong points to his home country and open a school.

According to Chung Cheng University, Omar is a hardworking student. He has got scholarships from elementary until now. The university’s professor wrote the recommendation letter for him to come to Taiwan to study master degree of Educational Leadership and Management Development at Taiwan’s Chung Cheng University. He is the first Gambian student in this university. As an internship’s assignment, Chung Cheng University arranged him to go to some elementary and secondary schools in Chiayi County to see Taiwan’s teaching situation, and discuss teaching methods with the teachers. During internship time, he also introduced Grandmuba – his country’s traditional clothes and local language to Taiwanese students, to make them know more about Gambian culture. He has got along well with the students, when he finished the internship, the students even sent him the hand drawn cards.

He intended to go back to his home country and open a school. “I hope that my school will have good management system and hardworking employees." He added.

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