New Immigrant from Hong Kong Filmed Documentary in Taiwan

Chang Chia-an (張家安) and the hosts. Photo provided by Chang Chia-an (張家安)
Chang Chia-an (張家安) and the hosts. Photo provided by Chang Chia-an (張家安)
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In cooperation with IC Voice FM97.5 [New Students Report For Sharing -We are in Taiwan], a series of exciting stories about immigrants in Taiwan is launched. This episode invites Chang Chia-an (張家安), the second-generation of Hong Kong's immigrants. Chang is currently an engineer of the Hsinchu Science Park and is also an on-the-job student of master’s degree. Chang has long been concerned about local issues in Hsinchu, and even participated in the shooting of documentaries. 

[Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network] presents this episode in 5 languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, enabling more readers and listeners to explore Huang’s journey of music production.  

Due to her father's employment, Chang family moved to Taiwan when Chang (張家安) was ten years old. Hong Kong-born Chang (張家安) is not fluent in Mandarin. When she first moved to Taiwan, she was only in the fourth year of primary school when she began studying phonetic symbols. Due to her accent and linguistic limitations, she was frequently made fun of and ignored by her peers. This inadvertently arose her interest in Taiwanese culture.

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"Rough Road" (崎嶇之路), the documentary produced by Chang Chia-an (張家安).Photo reproduced from YouTube

Chang (張家安) recalls that on the first day in Taiwan, she thought everything was extremely unique and the food was great, but at night, when she thought that she could not see her classmates in Hong Kong again, Chang couldn't stop sobbing quietly in bed. Receiving the tragic news of her relative's passing was the most painful thing for her, in part because she had been far from other relatives in Hong Kong for a long time. She regrets that if relatives had resided in Taiwan, they could have kept up with one another.  

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The Chang family moved to Taiwan when Chang (張家安) was ten years old.Photo provided by Chang Chia-an (張家安)

Every time Chang (張家安) conducts interviews with residents of Daqi Village about the relocation issue that most worries her, she reminds of how frequently she moved as a kid when she observes the residents who have packed quickly. Her mother also remarked that Hsinchu will be her home, since they can now finally settle themselves in one location, thus she values everything now.

After finishing her master's thesis, Chang (張家安) intends to publish it as a book. She also hopes that independent bookshops would show her documentary "Rough Road" (崎嶇之路) so that more people will be aware of the problems with the transfer of Daqi Village and may debate the most important aspects of coexistence of science and technology.

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