Tourists are Warned to be Cautious for Thai Regulations when Wearing Thai School Uniforms for Photos

The Thai movie "First Love" was popular in Asia, brought the trend of wearing Thai uniforms. Photo reproduced from “First Love”
The Thai movie "First Love" was popular in Asia, brought the trend of wearing Thai uniforms. Photo reproduced from “First Love”
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Thai student uniforms are increasingly being worn for photos, according to reports from ThaiRath and BBC Thai. This is because Thai dramas have recently gained enormous popularity throughout Asia. Thai lawyers have advised being cautious, so be careful. A violation of the Student Uniform Act is possible, and there is a maximum fine of 1,000 baht, or about NT$880.

Chinese entertainer, Ju Jingyi wears a Thai student uniform and takes pictures, becoming the most popular thing for Chinese tourists to do in Thailand.Photo reproduced from Ju Jingyi’s Weibo

In Asian nations, "First Love," a Thai romantic comedy, was well-liked. When visiting Thailand, many visitors even posed for pictures wearing Thai school uniforms. Ju Jingyi, a Chinese entertainer, also did the same thing by posting pictures online wearing Thai school clothes. According to group media, taking pictures in Thai uniforms is one of the top attractions for many Chinese visitors to Thailand.

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Thai students wear uniforms from elementary school to university.Photo reproduced from Chulalongkorn University Facebook

Thailand's Basic Education Commission reminds tourists that in the regulations related to student uniforms, people who are non-school wear student uniforms for experience and taking pictures, can't embroider the school's name on the clothes, and can't enjoy the benefits only for students. The owner of the school uniform store is very happy to see that school uniforms are popular among tourists and welcomes them to buy and wear them. The school has the right to take legal action if non-students act inappropriately while wearing it, but there won't be any issues for simply embroider your name on it. Nonetheless, visitors that pose in Thailand wearing school uniforms do so for amusement purposes only and do not mean to offend or harm educational institutions. Thailand has not suffered any losses as a result of this behavior, but it might boost tourism industry.

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