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Multicultural Strength

2019-03-21 13:40:00

Gen, a Filipino created a network group called PhilTai Organization

Gen, a Filipino created a network group called PhilTai Organization

I am Gen but Taiwan knows me better as PhilTai. Phil stands for the Philippines and Tai for Taiwan. It's like a union of two words and two worlds as a Filipino and Taiwanese marry. This vocabulary comes along with me anywhere I go. It's a name that summarizes my mission and purpose in this second home.

By the time I told myself "Taiwan here I come!", I created a network group called PhilTai Organization last April 2, 2007, wherein members then were exclusive to "Pinoys" wedded to the locals in here. Our first public service which until now is still serving our fellowmen is being a "Life Coach". Our friends would ask anything from culture gap, Mandarin language literacy, love life or even beauty tips. 

(Watch here:Filipina featured in Taiwan National Tv 黃琦妮上電視節目 

Year 2013, we evolved into a bigger network of not only Filipinos married to Taiwanese, also Filipino residents, OFWs and even the locals. Hand in hand we made our annual programs happen such as "A pencil for a cause", A Toy for Joy, Feeding program and the clothing program. Because of the charitable activities, from PhilTai Organization I called it PhilTai Foundation. However, in the year 2015, our followers have extended worldwide and it was then I decided to give everyone a platform to speak up. Let those unheard be heard and those scared to know that someone's willing to listen to their cries. Thus, PhilTai The Voice has finally evolved. 

What made PhilTai The Voice more effective and useful to our fellow Filipinos whether they are in Taiwan or not is a more defined goal. I make sure that every "HelloPhilTaiBlog" would be able to introduce both Filipinos and Taiwanese' culture that fosters understanding between two different nations with unique customs and traditions. (Watch here:

Taiwan recently has become more open to diverse culture. The fact that seven more languages from Southeast Asia is included in the curriculum, it's a breakthrough of free learning and multicultural education. I personally joined the Filipino Teachers training program last year and I must say, it was an amazing experience for all the future educators. I am hoping everyone has access to this language program not only exclusive to second generation students. 

By the time we learn a new language, we get to learn a new culture. These two are connected to each other because we use language mainly for communication and if we understand the place or a person better, we begin to discover other positive traits that would be helpful in shaping a more progressive  individual, society and country. 

PhilTai The Voice is my online platform to express my thoughts and expound a culture that's strange to some but so typical to others too. Since last year, as I finally created Hello PhilTai Youtube Channel, The WOW PINOY Program attracted a minimum of 2K viewers now. It has chinese and english subtitles so it should be great to all nationalities. Multicultural education can also be possible on social media since we are undeniably digitalized. No one is so fond of television these days because smartphones are just too convenient to click videos or programs that match to one's liking.

As a Filipina volunteer, blogger, youtuber and host, I find my advocacy extra relevant to Taiwan's goal of advancing to a more multicultural nation. I myself can confidently speak four languages such as Tagalog, Bisaya, English and Mandarin thus sharing how was i able to learn these would be a great help to many especially to the second generations who are at least bilingual. I also support the strong conviction of education to learn Tai-yu and several other aboriginal's dialects so the future of Taiwan would be like a basin of multilanguages. 

Gen has been living in Taiwan for almost twelve years, she feel like Taiwan is her home

Gen has been living in Taiwan for almost twelve years, she feel like Taiwan is her home

As a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Science, knowing the value system, the science of humans seen and unseen is a huge impact on how I was able to adapt and adjust to my second home. I also believe that being with the right kind of people, environment and activities would help someone be more productive even if it's not his or her homeland. 

Coming to Taiwan for me is being prepared for my new chapter in life and as years passed, being able to live here for almost twelve years, it made me feel like my home. I love Philippines as well as I love Taiwan. Obviously there are gaps between cultures of many intermarriages that's why PhilTai The Voice Blog is here  along with my Hello PhilTai Youtube channel to continue educating both Filipinos and Taiwanese brothers and sisters. 

"For every misconception would be corrected with the right culture education and the solution to stereotype is a new kind of familiarity." #gtotd3152019


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