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The interview of the second runner up in the 2016 Fabulous Taiwan Photography Competition: Prewprae Mungkorn

2019-02-27 17:20:00

(Source Education in Taiwan)

(Source Education in Taiwan)

“I like photography very much and I like to recording scenery with camera.”

Interviewee: PrewpraeMungkorn

The second runner up in the 2016 Fabulous Taiwan Photography Competition

“I like Photography very much” said PrewpraeMungkorn, a Thai national who recently graduated from the Global MBA Program at National Taiwan University,who was also the second runner up in the 2016 Fabulous Taiwan Photography Competition.

Like most photographers, she is good at observing things and is used to recording scenery with her camera. Her interest in photography has taken her to various streets and alleys in Taiwan where she could capture traditional Taiwanese food and snacks.

The aim of the Fabulous Taiwan Photography Competition is to help people see Taiwan through the eyes and perspectives of young international students who at one point called Taiwan their home. It aims to be an unique experience, encourage more international students to visit Taiwan, and to expose them to the local culture.

(Source Education in Taiwan)

(Source Education in Taiwan)

(Source Education in Taiwan)

“I’ve lived in Taiwan. I feel Taiwan is very safe and the food is delicious!” said Mungkorn. For her Taiwanese snacks have what she calls their ‘unique charm’. Her photos show that she mainly captured moments when Taiwanese chefs were preparing their dishes. Captured from the chef’s point of view, the pictures can reveal the chef’s intentions.

“I chose to study in National Taiwan University because of its convenient location, its top-level teaching resources and the excellent academic talent that exists in the University. The study of Global MBA classes was not just confined to a classroom, there were excellent exchange programs that students were exposed to and allowed to take part in, giving an immensely diverse exposure and international experience to the students of NTU,” said Mungkorn.

The only obstacle facing students who wants to enroll in NTU is the tuition fee as mentioned by Mungkorn. “I had a scholarship, so it was manageable for me. Master’s also has a stipend which was a great help, but there are still many students who wish to study in NTU but cannot afford the fees.” Mungkorn continued.

When asked about what impressed her the most in Taiwan she said, “In our country we don’t segregate waste as Taiwan does, and I was impressed to see how serious Taiwanese took garbage sorting. In the beginning I was really annoyed,” she smiled. “But after I got into the habit of sorting the garbage, I’ve not been able to undo this habit even after returning to my country. I think I’ve influenced some of the people here be like the Taiwanese and got them to recycle. I have also made small amount of cash through recycling.”

After graduation, Mungkorn is now back in Thailand to work. “I think Taiwan is a beautiful and extremely safe country with high education level. I think I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity and experience to study in Taiwan. Every time I come across any troubled friend who wants to pursue further education abroad, I recommend to them universities in Taiwan.