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“I think studying in Taiwan is one of the best decisions I ever made.”

2019-03-06 17:50:00

Vikram (Source Education in Taiwan)

Vikram (Source Education in Taiwan)

“I think studying in Taiwan is one of the best decisions I ever made.” said Vikram Paul, a Phd student of Bioscience and Biotechnology at National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), is in his third year of a Phd program.

After his graduation from an Indian university, Vikram had initially wanted to pursue his future education in the United States, but changed his mind after a friend from Hsinchu recommended Taiwan and told him about the quality of education, infrastructure and assistance affered by Taiwan’s government and universities.

Vikram, after consulting with more friends and doing his own research, finally decided to focus on Taiwanese universities. He applied to several universities in Taiwan and ended up receiving admission to National Taiwan Ocean University, in Keelung with a scholarship. The scholarship covered his tuition fee for a complete Masters degree course along with a monthy stipend of 7000-8000 NTD for personal expenses. He subsequently received a scholarship for 3 more years of his Phd program.

Vikram and mother (Source Education in Taiwan)

Vikram and mother (Source Education in Taiwan)

“The bioscience department of NTOU enjoys a high reputation in the acdamic field, my teacher is very professional and patient with me. I don’t speak Mandarin, but everyone in my laboratory speaks proper English. They helped me a lot,” said Vikram. Vikram spends most of his time in the lab for experiments, and he mentioned that the lab being is equipped with state of the art equipments. “I am blessed to have teachers and lab mates as patient and friendly as mine. Everytime I make an error, they always support me and encourage me to do better the next time.”

Vikram said there are some moments when he feels down, as he lives far from his family and has been doing so for years now. Whenever he misses home, his Taiwanese friends here take him out for a delicious barbecue and try to cheer him up. “We are like a family,” said Vikram.

“The scholarship is a great source of help for me. It helps me not only in research but also in handling my daily expenses.”

He used to be pure vegetarian but started eating chicken and eggs after a doctor advised him to eat more protein, following a severe car accident last year.

“One piece of advice to vegetarian Indians students who are considering coming to Taiwan: learn how to cook and start eating chicken and eggs ” said Vikram,“because it is not easy for Indians to get used to Taiwanese vegetarian food.”

Vikram will complete his study after 4 more years, and he said he will try his best to stay in Taiwan.

“Taiwan is like my second home, it trained me well and I want to dedicate what I learn to help this country,” concluded Vikram.