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The internet power of Southeast Asia housewives
2021-03-30 18:00:00

Sally Yu (余慈薰) Education: Master of Social Work (MSW) Community Organization and Advocacy, Monash University Current Position: Founder of the Formosa Budding Hope Association Managing Supervi...

How we've motivated children to learn
2020-09-25 14:00:00

Yishan Women and Children Care Association (Ixwcca) has been actively encouraging children to explore the world Over the past ten years, Yishan Women and Children Care Association (宜蘭縣宜萱婦幼關...

I am not perfect, but I give full support to my child 
2020-08-19 14:00:00

(Kenny and his father, for the first time, experienced Batik together in Indonesia) My name is Feng Yanni and was born in kota Tarakan of Indonesia. I first studied in my home country and then ...

Fire up your potential of art to make your dream come true 
2020-07-30 12:00:00

Ms. Li Lina (李麗娜) has long devoted to art teaching. A saying goes, " falling in love with a town, it is probably because someone you love resides in it. " Even if this town made me ...

Language skills and cultural learning are both important
2020-07-08 16:30:00

Programs of new immigrant languages are one of the newly-added sections in the Directions Governing for the 12-Year Basic Education Curricula, adding seven new immigrant languages including Vietna...

Across the sea: A story about Yan Li- PondokSunny
2020-05-19 15:50:00

(Mrs. Yao Yan Li shares her happiness being a pastry cook in Taiwan) Saying "Hello, Yan Li, how many are you?" is like greeting myself every day. My name is Yao Yan Li. I've run a des...

Advice for new immigrants when seeking medical treatment
2020-04-23 16:40:00

The group of new immigrants ranks the fifth largest group in Taiwan. The reasons that they came to Taiwan are for marriage, studies, or business. According to the statistics done by the Ministry o...

Difficulties new immigrants face when seeking medical treatment
2020-04-21 16:20:00

(Language barriers are one of the main difficulties that new immigrants face when seeking medical treatment. (Courtesy of Dr. Pang Wen-quan龐渂醛) The group of new immigrants ranks the fif...

Taiwan is my home, forever and ever
2020-03-27 12:20:00

(Mo Aifang and her family) (Mo Aifang and her family) Hi, everyone! I'm Mo Aifang from Indonesia and also the third generation of overseas Chinese. I'm a new immigrant living in Taiwan. ...

Me before and after coming to Taiwan: A story of finding self-worth
2020-02-27 14:30:00

I've seen many female caretakers' ways of loving families and themselves. Today, I'd like to share my Chinese class student's story with you. She is Katie (assumed name) and now...

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