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What is #TurnArdern and why is everyone in New Zealand talking about it?
2019-12-30 18:50:00

#TurnArdern是什麼?為什麼紐西蘭每個人都在談論它? Jacinda Ardern’s media popularity has irked some, and spawned this hashtag. One Guardian staffer asked another to explain it ... quickly 傑辛達·阿爾登(J...

A New Resident's Days of Becoming a Teacher
2019-12-28 16:10:00

(Liang Jinqun currently serves as a Chinese teacher at Taichung I-Ning High School) I'm Liang Jinqun, a Malaysian Chinese. I came to Taiwan to study for a bachelor's and a master's ...

Be kind to immigrants in Taiwan
2019-05-31 17:50:00

Due to the effects of globalization, every country is now facing more and more diverse migration and immigration, from residence, marriage, migration to short-term immigration, or moving from the birt...

Wang Lilan: Why Taiwanese want to Learn the Second and Third Foreign Languages?
2019-04-26 16:40:00

Wang Lilan (王麗蘭- front with red dress ) took the students to Y Underground to take a look about the Little Indonesian (source: Wang Lilan) Every year in September, is the starting time of the n...

Multicultural Strength
2019-03-21 13:40:00

Gen,a Filipinocreated a network group called PhilTai Organization I am Gen but Taiwan knows me better as PhilTai. Phil stands for the Philippines and Tai for Taiwan. It's like a union of tw...

“I think studying in Taiwan is one of the best decisions I ever made.”
2019-03-06 17:50:00

Vikram (Source Education in Taiwan) “I think studying in Taiwan is one of the best decisions I ever made.” said Vikram Paul, a Phd student of Bioscience and Biotechnology at Nationa...

The interview of the second runner up in the 2016 Fabulous Taiwan Photography Competition: Prewprae Mungkorn
2019-02-27 17:20:00

(Source Education in Taiwan) “I like photography very much and I like to recording scenery with camera.” Interviewee: PrewpraeMungkorn The second runner up in the 2016 Fabulou...

Once in a while
2019-02-22 12:00:00

Most of Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan came from the provinces of Jawa, Lampung and Lombok. Abi is a very small number of Indonesian migrant workers who came from Papua. Her dark complexion and ...

Malaysian new immigrant runs design studio and eel brand in Southern Taiwan
2019-01-30 15:50:00

Malaysian new immigrant Foo Wen Shan (胡文珊) and her husband Hsieh Chung-Kai (謝仲凱) Malaysian new immigrant Foo Wen Shan (胡文珊) started a new life in Southern Taiwan, running an architecture design...

Changes in the human resource structure of Vietnam's industry in the US-China Trade War
2019-01-25 11:20:00

Ha Noi - Vietnam's Capital The harsh conflict over the China-US trade war in the past six months have triggered changes in the layout of overseas Taiwanese enterprises. In particular, the m...

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