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PH2020-09-29 14:00
Chiayi launches a series of events to promote cultures

Chiayi County New Immigrant Family Service Center launched a series of multicultural events at Dongshi Township- Chiayi County-Zhangtan Community Development Association to introduce Taiwan-Indone...

PH2020-09-27 09:00
Banqiao New immigrant Family Service Center hosts Hakka Lei Cha and mochi workshop 

Banqiao New immigrant Family Service Center hosted a family day at Guanxi Township's (關西鎮) Dong-An Bridge, inviting new immigrants to experience mochi and Lei Cha making. Although it was ra...

PH2020-09-25 10:00
Pingtung County to host multicultural events for new immigrants starting Sept. 27

Is there any place to go to explore exotic cultures during this pandemic? Pingtung County Cultural Affairs Department will particularly launch a series of multicultural activities including a baza...

PH2020-09-25 09:10
Taiwanese temple hands out 168,000 hats in one year

A Taiwanese temple has given away a whopping 168,000 hats in the year since Norwegian triathlon champion Gustav Iden made them famous. The initial batch of 500 hats was manufactured in 2016, accord...

PH2020-09-25 09:00
Taoyuan Land Art Festival provides Indonesian guided tour for new residents 

This years' Taoyuan Land Art Festival has started from Sept. 18 to Oct. 4 at the National Central University. Currently, a total of 110,000 migrant workers are living in Taoyuan, 29,000 ones o...

PH2020-09-25 09:00
Nantou county to host sticker design contest to promote human trafficking prevention

To effectively promote the concept of human trafficking prevention, Nantou County Government has launched a sticker design contest to highlighte the importance of valuing human rights. Citi...

PH2020-09-24 12:00
 Indonesian Officers to Taipei visits Penghu migrant workers to show care and concern

Last year, the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei launched its mobile service car to Penghu, receiving a warm welcome from migrant workers living in Penghu. This year, Penghu County Go...

PH2020-09-24 11:00
Taipei Public Library launches computer basics program for new immigrants

The Multicultural Information Center of Taipei Public Library and Da'an District Office will be hosting a computer and mobile phone basics program in October, hoping to help new residents make...

PH2020-09-23 12:00
New Taipei City Library to host moon cake workshop for new immigrants on Sept. 29

Shimen Branch of New Taipei City Library launched a 'Caozaiguo' workshop to relieve Chinese citizens' homesickness amid this pandemic. During the event, new immigrants participating ma...

PH2020-09-23 08:30
Taoyuan to host celebration event for Vietnamese Moon Festival 

Taoyuan Social Affairs Department will be hosting a celebration event for the Vietnamese Moon Festival. The Moon Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam is popular among parents and childre...

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