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PH2019-12-06 14:00
First Muslim-friendly Night Market, 10 Vendors with Halal Logos at Liuho Tourist Night Market Welcomes Internationalism.

The Economic Development Department of Kaohsiung City promotes the cooperation of the academia and public markets to assist in the transformation and expansion of shopping districts to expand business...

PH2019-12-06 11:10
Taiwan's Taoyuan Metro launches Mayday-themed train

Taoyuan Metro launched a train painted with the likenesses of award-winning Taiwanese rock band Mayday on Thursday (Dec. 5) as part of a strategy to promote the band’s upcoming year-end concerts...

PH2019-12-05 14:10
Yilan County Got the Excellent Award for Devoting to Caring for New Residents

To implement the measures for handling new residents' care and services, Yilan County Government has worked with other units, devoted to caring for and creating a friendly environment for new resi...

PH2019-12-05 13:10
Taipei City’s Last Free Health Examination for Migrant Workers on 8th December at Taipei Main Station

Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office and Tzu Chi International Medical Association show their concern for the migrant workers’ health and will be holding the last activity “Love f...

PH2019-12-04 15:00
Cooperation of Fangliao Police Bureau and the New Resident: Anti-drug, Anti-fraud and Anti-bribery at Elections

As this world has been changing, more and more ethnic groups have integrated into society, and more and more new residents have acquired identity cards and the right to vote. Therefore, the Fangliao p...

PH2019-12-02 11:10
2019 Tai Zi Culture Festival in SW Taiwan to feature colorful subculture on Dec. 8

The 10th Tai Zi Culture Festival will take place at Suan-Tou Elementary school in Lioujiao Township, Chiayi County from the afternoon of Dec. 8, CNA reported on Sunday (Dec. 1). Miss Taiwan Chiu Yi...

PH2019-11-30 17:50
Penghu New Resident Service Center Celebrated Birthday in Foreign Language

Penghu Country Government New Resident Service Center was set up since 1996 in order to provide resources and help with the new resident family. It has been 12 years until now. Earlier days ago, it wa...

PH2019-11-29 15:30
New Bilingual Counseling Training Program for Migrant Worker

Bilingual counseling training program was started by the Hsinchu City Department of Labour and Service the People Association to help the migrant worker who suffer from physical and mentally illness. ...

PH2019-11-29 11:40
Plaque for Taiwan's first national natural park HQ unveiled in Kaohsiung

After eight years of planning and preparation, the Shoushan National Natural Park headquarters held its plaque unveiling ceremony on Thursday (Nov. 28), turning a new page in the government’s ef...

PH2019-11-29 09:40
Museums in New Taipei to go sporty during 2020 Olympics

Museums in New Taipei City will be transformed into “sports facilities” in a promotional effort that seizes on the Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo next year. While delivering a re...

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