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PH2020-08-05 09:00
New Immigrant Family Service Center in New Taipei issues its events of August

New Immigrant Family Service Center in New Taipei City has issued its events that will be held in Sanchong Dist., Banqiao Dist., Zhonghe Dist., Shiding Dist., Xinzhuang Dist., Shuangxi Dist., and ...

PH2020-08-05 08:30
New Taipei Labor Affairs Bureau inspects migrant workers' dorms to avoid potential clusters of infection

As the Thai migrant worker was infected with Covid-19 recently after returning to Thailand, the Labor Affairs Department of New Taipei City carried out the first stage of inspection at 39 migrant ...

PH2020-08-04 12:00
Taichung City hosts workshops to help new residents find careers

The Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government has worked with local businesses and shops to host a series of workshops for various fields including beauty salon manicure, catering, and e-co...

PH2020-08-04 10:00
New immigrant teacher leads students to experience multicultural customs

Kaohsiung City Fongshan New Immigrant Family Service Center and Tongling Community Development Association in Dashu district jointly hosted a multicultural summer camp for three days from July 19 ...

PH2020-08-03 15:00
Hsinchu Service Center hosts dessert workshop for new immigrants

Hsinchu Service Center of the NIA will host a dessert workshop for free for new immigrants to share their life stories and make desserts together. Organizer|Hsinchu Service Center, NIA ...

PH2020-08-03 12:00
Taichung Shopping Festival promotes ASEAN cultures, sells exotic products

Taichung Shopping Festival has started since July 1. Taichung ASEAN Arts and Culture Foundation (臺中東協藝文企業社) sells not only national costumes from Vietnam, Indonesian, and Thailand but also Vietnam...

PH2020-08-03 09:00
Kaohsiung Social Education Center invites new immigrants to sing together

To encourage second-generation children of new immigrants to be a part of the community, Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center will be hosting a series of training courses including acting, ...

PH2020-08-01 08:30
The 5th ASEAN Voice Talent Competition in Taichung to be held Sept. 27

Taichung City Labor Affairs Bureau will be hosting the 5th ASEAN Voice Talent Competition and Friendly International Labor Carnival between 10 a.m and 5 p.m on September 27 at Taichung Park. Regis...

PH2020-07-31 10:00
2020 VIPT Taoyuan City Migrant Workers Sports Competition is now open for registration

The 2020 Taoyuan City Migrant Workers Sports Competition has now opened for registration until August 16. Categories of the competition: Sepak Takraw/ Badminton/ Full Court/ 3 on 3 baske...

PH2020-07-30 16:00
New Taipei hosts parent-child city tour in Ruifang for new immigrants

Sanchong New Immigrant Family Service Center in New Taipei City worked with some units to host a parent-child city tour in Ruifang for new immigrants. The service center invited local Vietnamese and...

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