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PH2020-08-04 09:30
Taiwan's Taichung hiking challenge attracts numerous participants

Taichung City is rolling out new benefits to encourage the public to hike the Seven Heroes of Guguan (谷關七雄), a group of well-known mid-level mountains in the area, promising to give anyone who finishe...

PH2020-07-25 06:00
Harry Potter's 20th anniversary prompts new book cover in Taiwan

A new Chinese-language edition of Harry Potter with a redesigned cover is being released to mark the book's 20th anniversary in Taiwan, exciting fans in the island country. "Harry Potter a...

PH2020-07-24 08:00
Second-generation children in Hsinchu serve as cooks to thank health workers

To enhance second-generation children's abilities, the New Immigrant Family Service Center of Hsinchu Social Affairs Department recently held a cuisine workshop and invited 24 mothers and chil...

PH2020-07-23 09:40
Taiwan ramps up efforts to promote island-hopping cruise travel

Taiwan has embarked on an endeavor to promote travel to its outlying islands as part of the 2023 Year of the Island-Hopping Tourism initiative. Sea travel will be at the top of the country’s ...

PH2020-07-20 11:50
Global News for New Immigrants hosts DIY workshop, wide game for new immigrants

Global News for New Immigrants news website of the NIA and its Facebook fan page, "Taiwan我來了" have been established for five years. To allow more new immigrants to use our multilingual n...

PH2020-07-09 09:30
39 venues offer hot deals for Taiwan Museum Pass holders

Residents and visitors in Taiwan are invited to use the Taiwan Museum Pass (愛臺灣博物館卡) for unlimited access to a dozen museums across the island country with the approach of the summer break. Startin...

PH2020-07-07 09:20
New immigrants invited to share their stories in Taiwan, contest ends July 10

New Immigrant Empowerment Development Site has recently hosted a contest for new immigrants to share their stories in Taiwan. Registration will end on July 10 (Friday), and the contest will be hel...

PH2020-07-07 07:40
National Taiwan Museum’s Railway Department Park opens on July 7

The National Taiwan Museum’s (NTM) Railway Department Park will be open to the public on Tuesday (July 7), displaying six national historic monuments. The 1.7-hectare Railway Department Park ...

PH2020-07-06 09:10
Taiwan’s Keelung Islet open to visitors July 1

Keelung Islet off Taiwan's north coast will be open to tourists beginning Wednesday (July 1), with the number of visitors per day to be capped at 1,200. The Keelung City Government said in anew...

PH2020-06-30 11:00
C. Taiwan sand sculpture festival spotlights worldwide landmarks

The annual Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival (大安沙雕音樂季) is taking place between June 27 and July 12 at Da-an Beach in Taichung. With the theme of “travel around the world,” the fest...

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