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PH2019-12-06 15:00
Taking Advantage of “Asset Allocation” to Save Pension, Expert Advises: Pay Attention to Investment’s risks

To help investors establish the correct concept of financial knowledge, the Financial Ombudsman Institution (hereinafter referred to as the FOI) organized a total of six financial education lectures. ...

PH2019-12-06 12:10
Taiwan Design Research Institute to open in 2020

The Taiwan Design Center is slated to be upgraded to the Taiwan Design Research Institute next year, with its budget raised to NT$530 million (US$17.39 million). After 16 years of operations, the T...

PH2019-12-06 09:10
Eslite hopes to keep bookstores alive in Taiwan

Taiwan's popular Eslite Spectrum Corp. released its annual report on reading behaviors and market trends Wednesday (Dec. 4) as it celebrated its 30th anniversary. Established in 1989, Eslite ha...

PH2019-12-05 11:40
Tigerair Taiwan cooperates with Jetstar on Dohop search platform

Tigerair Taiwan and the Australian-based Jetstar Group announced a “virtual linkup” Wednesday (December 4) which will allow passengers on their various low-cost airlines to make even more ...

PH2019-12-04 15:40
Museum of Labor’s Picture Book “A New World of the World” Seeing the Issues of Migrant Workers in a Gentle Way

To promote the issue of migrant workers, the Museum of Labor invites a diagram text writer, Guo Hanchen, a new prominent illustrator, Emily’s Graffiti World, and a field researcher, Dai Wanxuan ...

PH2019-12-04 11:30
U-Theatre Taiwan rises from ashes

Taiwan performance group “U-Theatre” is literally rising from the ashes, after a devastating fire burned down its Taipei rehearsal space in August. Located in the “Old Spring Moun...

PH2019-12-04 09:00
Taiwan receipt lottery winner buys rice ball for NT$27, pockets NT$10 million

A lucky FamilyMart customer who bought a rice ball for a mere NT$27 (US$0.88) has won the NT$10 million special prize in the September-October issue of the Taiwan receipt lottery. Only seven people...

PH2019-12-03 16:30
Expanding the Fall and Winter Travel Subsidies, 60 Tour Routes Provided for You

To promote domestic tourism and leisure family trip, the “Taiwan Tour Bus” is assisted by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications in planning tourism products inc...

PH2019-12-03 10:50
Works by 'father of New Wave typography' on exhibit in Taipei

An exhibition featuring the signature works of internationally renowned graphic designer and typographer Wolfgang Weingart is taking place in Taipei until Jan. 9, 2020. Wolfgang Weingart is known a...

PH2019-12-03 09:50
Pokémon GO association to be set up in Taiwan’s Penghu to boost tourism

The outlying islands of Penghu will see the establishment of a Pokémon GO association that is set to lure more visitors to the already popular Taiwanese tourist destination. A Pokémon...

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