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PH2020-08-05 08:30
Secure your ID documents when applying for a job

The National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area, Ministry of Finance, stated that it received man reports from citizens who told that some companies fudged on their incomes. The Bureau reminded ...

PH2020-08-03 14:00
Tropical Storm Hagupit will come closest to Taiwan today

Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau (CWB) has issued heavy rain warnings for 11 counties and cities and a sea warning, as Tropical Storm Hagupit is poised to come closest to the country today (Aug. 3)...

PH2020-08-02 07:30
Taiwan's oldest bookstore reopens in Taichung with modern decor

Taiwan's oldest bookstore the Regent reopened with new decor and a "counseling room" on Wednesday (July 29) in Taichung, looking to continue its 109-year legacy. Founded in 1912, the ...

PH2020-08-01 09:00
Taiwan's TAIFEX Food Bank helps underprivileged hit hard by COVID-19

Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) announced Friday (July 31) the Food Bank program will continue to serve underprivileged families, helping out during the coronavirus pandemic and complementing the nat...

PH2020-07-31 14:00
MyData platform to promote autonomous use of personal data

To reduce the inconvenience and burden when citizens apply for government services, the Financial Supervisory Commission of R.O.C and the National Development Council (NDC) has launched the MyData...

PH2020-07-31 09:30
Dance competition for new immigrants to accept applications from Sept. 1

Registration of the 2020 New Immigrants Dance Competition will start from Sept 1 to Oct. 16 this year. Since 2016, the Ministry of Education has promoted a program titled "新住民教育揚才計畫&qu...

PH2020-07-29 08:50
American teacher receives permanent resident certificate from Mackay Project 

Hsinchu Service Center of the NIA recently awarded Ms. Shi Xueli (施雪麗) with an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate for her contribution to Taiwan's education. Ms. Shi Xueli (施雪麗), from...

PH2020-07-23 08:50
OCAC offers free learning materials for overseas Chinese 

Are you still wondering how to plan summer activities for your kids? As the pandemic outbreak has impacted Taiwan greatly, many overseas Chinese parents came back to Taiwan during summer vacation....

PH2020-07-23 08:30
No 20-hour limit on summer vacation jobs for overseas Chinese and foreign students 

For overseas Chinese students and foreign students to explore life in Taiwan while studying in Taiwan, they are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during school according to current ...

PH2020-07-21 15:20
Taiwan could see negative population growth in 2020

Taiwan could experience a population decline for the first time as the nation has recorded more deaths than births in the first six months of the year, according to statistics of the Ministry of the I...

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