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PH2020-03-26 09:00
NIA's service car publicizes multilingual epidemic prevention measures in Sanchong

New Taipei Service Center's mobile service car visited Sanchong Dist. on March 24. With the continuing spread of Covid-19, the mobile service car particularly publicized epidemic prevention in...

PH2020-03-25 12:10
Pingtung mayor advises CDC to launch another SOP to protect foreign fishermen's rights

In response to COVID-19 that has continued to spread around the world, Mayor of Pingtung County Pan Men-An, advised Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to carefully evaluate the quarantine po...

PH2020-03-25 09:45
Pingtung administers training of interpreters for migrant worker broker system

To allow more migrant workers to understand Taiwan's regulations and the importance of epidemic prevention, the Labor and Youth Development Department of Pingtung County Government particularl...

PH2020-03-22 20:30
Changhua Mayor holding multilingual posters calls on migrant workers to keep environment tidy

Given that many migrant workers and people often gather at the square in front of Changhua Railway Station, Mayor of Changhua City Lin Shixian and the personnel, on March 21, held up multilingual ...

PH2020-03-17 21:10
Vietnamese student praises TCSOL program of I-SHOU Uni

The New Southbound policy has attracted many students from Southeast Asia to come to Taiwan for studying. Apart from being close to Taiwanese culture, they could also take advantage of this opport...

PH2020-03-13 11:10
The Promise Between the Visitor Information Center and the 2020 Taipei Azalea Festival Come, Experience the “Limited-Time Flower Puzzle Challenge”

Flowersbloomduring the warm spring! The Visitor Information Center will be set at the Daan Forest Park by the Department of Information and Tourism of the Taipei City Government on March 14th. Local t...

PH2020-03-09 08:30
Labor Dept. of New Taipei conducts phone interviews for migrant workers' departure verification

In response to the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Labor Affairs Department of New Taipei City Government stated that departure verifications needed employers and migrant workers who terminate emp...

PH2020-03-08 08:00
Taitung Veterans Service Office conducts lecture on COVID-19 for new immigrants and veterans

Given that the COVID-19 has continued to spread, Taitung County Service Office particularly invited Division Chief of the Disease Control Section of Public Health Bureau, Taitung County Government...

PH2020-03-06 12:30
PH: No new Covid-2019 PUIs, PUMs in NegOr

The province of Negros Oriental has been free of new cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) for a week already. Bimbo Miraflor, capitol information officer and spokesperson on the Covid-2...

PH2020-03-06 08:50
Kaohsiung service center publicizes multilingual health education to migrant workers

"Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens" has not yet eased, so the government calls on people to practice handwashing regularly and properly implement epidemic prevention measures. Kaohsi...

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