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PH2014-09-04 16:28
Fengshan pushes to enhance immigrants' career

In order to enhance the employment and entrepreneurial skills of the new residents, Fengshan Employment Service Station has on August 2 organized learning activities. As the Full Moon Festival is a...

PH2014-09-04 16:27
Tainan: Food made a part of cultural integration

As there are always a lot of differences in the language and culture of different countries, immigrants usually encounter a lot of challenges during their integration process. As cuisine is an insepar...

PH2014-09-03 16:00
Kinmen holds pronunciation course for foreign spouses

The Bureau of Social Affairs, Kinmen County Government on August 25 has held a closing ceremony for their 「ㄆㄇ,Line了沒」 project, and granted certificates and awards for the 28 participants. Implement...

PH2014-09-03 16:00
Kaohsiung immigrant families: Read and draw to integrate

In order to resolve the cultural barriers between parents and children in the new multi-national families in the city, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Keelung City has this week organized a communal th...

PH2014-09-02 09:16
Full Moon Festival Reunion for Yunlin Vietnamese spouses

Chinese Youth Corps Beigang (Yunlin) has just held a reunion event for Vietnamese new residents in the township. Many Vietnamese mothers brought their families to attend the event, and enjoyed thei...

PH2014-09-02 09:16
Free calls home for Hualien migrants

To help connect the immigrants to their beloved ones, Chunghwa Telecom last week provided free international calls for immigrants in Hualien Township. The service was organized jointly by National ...

PH2014-09-02 09:16
Tainan immigrants showcase traditional dances

In order to promote and showcase the beauty of traditional dances, the Wen Nan Activity Center (South District, Tainan City) held on August 30 “Dance moves of the new residents” - a big...

PH2014-09-02 09:13
Daughter writes to raise fund for mother’s trip home

Taoyuan Sinwu Junior High School graduate Peng Yunru is the daughter of Indonesian mother Ye Yanzhen, who has been staying in Taiwan for 16 years. Due to financial difficulties, they never afforded...

PH2014-08-29 17:24
Nantou County Government to hold new immigrant counselor cultivation program on September 3 and 4

The Civil Affairs Bureau, Nantou County Government will hold the new immigrant counselor cultivation program on September 3 and 4 to invite 100 people from the public sector and civil group which offe...

PH2014-08-29 17:24
Vietnamese-born new immigrant sells handmade dumplings

Vietanmese-born new immigrant Lee Yuan is rejected by the employers due to the language barrier. Like most of new immigrants, Lee takes care of children at home. As the children grow up, Lee thinks sh...