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PH2014-06-20 15:19
New immigrants have hair-raisings for cancer patients

Chou Da Kuan Foundation held the hair-raising activity at Dong Hai Elementary School in Taitung County on June 17 to help cancer patients who are undergoing cancer treatment. The founder of this ev...

PH2014-06-19 21:37
Gucheng Elementary School held an exotic cuisine cooking competition on June 18

Gucheng Elementary School in Kinmen County yesterday held an exotic cuisine cooking competition, attracting more than two hundred people to attend this activity. Not only new immigrants but also Ta...

PH2014-06-19 21:37
Dong Ming Junior High School held graduation ceremony to show multi-culture features

Dong Ming Junior High School in Dounan Township, Yunlin County yesterday held the graduation ceremony and many graduates wore the traditional costume such like Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippine as well as ...

PH2014-06-19 21:36
Tsai Hsiao-yen married with Taiwanese and begins breeding Chinese softshell turtle in Taiwan

The well-know movie “Zone Pro Site” had been used the eggs of Chinese softshell turtle to present a yummy cuisine which is popular in China. The businessman in aquaculture industry for Chi...

PH2014-06-19 21:36
NIA, Min-Hwei College of Health Care Management launch “New Immigrant Family Care Project”

Many new immigrants move to Taiwan act as the roles to give a birth and take care of the elders and children. In addition to in the great demand for medical care service, the issues relating to the ne...

PH2014-06-18 20:58
New immigrants in Hsinchu City won 2nd place of 2014 New Immigrant Multi-cultural Cooking Contest

A group consists of four new immigrants in Hsinchu City earlier joined 2014 New Immigrant Multi-cultural Cooking Contest and won the second place. They yesterday accepted the honors by Hsinchu Mayor H...

PH2014-06-18 20:58
The number of new immigrant students in Kaohsiung City is rising

According to the statistics of Kaohsiung City Government, the percentage of new immigrant students of the total number has been increased for five times from 1.85 % to 9.11%. Among these new immigrant...

PH2014-06-18 20:57
Tainan City First Service Center invites new immigrant to visit Tainan City

The National Immigration Agency Tainan First Service Station cooperates with Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government to hold 2014 new immigrant activity project to invite new immigrant to visi...

PH2014-06-18 20:56
Fewer and fewer students at subsidiary schools in Nantou County

There are only five subsidiary junior high schools in Nantou County. They held the graduation ceremony yesterday. All the graduates in the Pu Li Subsidiary Junior High School and Shuli Subsidiary Juni...

PH2014-06-18 14:47
First exchange student in NHCVHS

There is an exchange student studying in the National Heng Chun Vocational High School for the first time. She comes from Brazil. Her Chinese name is Shen Ke-hsin. She applies to study in NHCVHS via Y...