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PH2021-03-11 09:30
Maguindanao may soon divide into 2 provinces in the Philippines

【NIA Global News】/edited by Amy Hsieh To make it easier for people to get access to public services, a lawmaker in Philippines has pushed for the division of Maguindanao into two provinces. Acc...

PH2021-03-08 13:30
Economic hubs next in line for Covid-19 Vaccines in Philippines

【NIA Global News】/edited by Amy Hsieh According to INQUIRER.NET, the government will deploy COVID-19 vaccines to areas hosting economic hubs, amid surges of coronavirus infections in key cities, va...

PH2021-03-08 10:30
Indonesia's Bank Jago to turn fully digital

【NIA Global News】/edited by Amy Hsieh Bank Jago is going to becoming the first digital bank in Indonesia, with the ride-hailing and digital payment services firm Gojek as partner. According to t...

PH2020-10-08 11:00
IMF extends debt relief for 28 low-income countries

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved a second six-month tranche of debt service relief for 28 low-income countries amid the Covid-19 pandemic. "Relief ...

PH2020-10-08 10:00
Former Australian, Swedish prime ministers, NATO chief to participate in Taipei's Yushan Forum virtually

The Yushan Forum will kick off in Taipei on Wednesday (Oct. 8), with overseas speakers and guests taking part in the event virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) an...

PH2020-10-06 10:00
EU political leaders laud Taiwan's efforts in disease control, offer congrats on National Day

As Taiwan's National Day is approaching, Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium shared greetings and blessings from dozens of political leaders and scholars for Taiwan on Facebook....

PH2020-10-05 09:00
World famous best airport warns of prolonged crisis

Singapore's Changi Airport has warned of a "daunting period" ahead as the impact from the Covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of abating. The Asian transit hub is regularly voted wor...

PH2020-10-03 21:00
Taiwan to begin construction of domestic submarine on Nov. 3

The construction of Taiwan’s first indigenous submarine prototype will officially begin on Nov. 3. A ceremony will be held that day at CSBC’s Kaohsiung shipbuilding plant and will be ho...

PH2020-10-03 16:00
Global tea prices skyrocket by 50% amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is driving up prices of tea leaves on a global scale due to a drop in supply and increased consumption among people forced to work at home. The cost of wholesale tea leav...

PH2020-10-02 13:30
PH Government targets 10 percent energy savings

The Department of Energy (DOE) has called on national government agencies (NGAs) and local government units (LGUs) to observe energy efficiency and conservation in their respective offices through cut...

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