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PH2020-03-06 08:20
Overseas students of Da-Yeh Uni complete home quarantine to healthily welcome opening

Da-Yeh University has opened on March 2. 77 overseas students finished 14-day home quarantine from Feb. 7 to 10 and was all released on Feb. 25. The General Affairs Office has also conducted campu...

PH2020-03-05 09:00
Taipei gov't visits Indonesian Office to strengthen epidemic prevention for migrant workers

Director of the Department of Labor, Taipei City Government, Chen Xinyu, visited the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei to exchange views on epidemic prevention issues. Director Chen p...

PH2020-03-05 08:50
Changhua cares for new immigrant families to crack down on domestic violence

Cases of domestic violence have increased year by year in cross-cultural families in Taiwan. Although domestic violence in new immigrant families doesn't account much in the whole scenario, ne...

PH2020-03-02 14:40
New Taipei calls for an emergency epidemic prevention conference for brokerage firms

As some migrant workers have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 recently, Mayor of New Taipei City Hou You-Yi led several departments of the city government to hold an emergency epidemic prevention co...

PH2020-03-01 07:20
New Taipei sends warmth abroad to stranded students in China, Hong Kong, and Macau

As the Wuhan pneumonia has continued to spread, the opening of schools in Taiwan at the high school level and lower had postponed to Feb. 25. Recently, schools have entered the opening week. To pr...

PH2020-02-28 08:10
Penghu Quarantine Station reduces loophole in war on epidemic

To fight against the Wuhan pneumonia, Penghu County Government took the lead in establishing a quarantine station. On Feb. 25, a new resident from Sichuan, China, went straight to the quarantine s...

PH2020-02-27 09:40
Taipei MRT Circular Line to officially open on March 1

Since Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Circular Line began official operations, more than 1 million passengers have traveled on the Circular Line, and the line is going to begin official operations on Mar...

PH2020-02-27 08:40
Students of Soochow Uni crave fast food after releasing from quarantine

"Yeah! We're finally out!" On Feb. 25, 26 students who were released from 14- day quarantine at Soochow University were incredibly happy about leaving their dorm. Some shouted that t...

PH2020-02-27 08:00
Nantou gov't visits foreign workers' dorms to promote epidemic prevention

Given that several fires causing serious casualties at foreign workers' dorms, on Feb. 25, Nantou County Government, the Labor Inspection Office, the Department of Health, the Fire Bureau, and...

PH2020-02-26 10:40
Taipei publicizes epidemic prevention at Indonesian food street in station

To strengthen the publicity of epidemic prevention to migrant workers, Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office particularly visited the Indonesian food street in Taipei Station to give away ...

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