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PH2020-02-10 16:30
Tulip show opens at Taipei’s Shilin Residence Park on Valentine’s Day

This year’s tulip show at Taipei’s Shilin Residence will open on Valentine’s Day, Friday (Feb. 14), featuring 100,000 tulips from Japan and the Netherlands, according to a Parks and ...

PH2020-02-10 09:20
Bridges along Hsinchu 17 km coastal bike path in N. Taiwan to be made safer

Six truss bridges along the Hsinchu 17 km Coastline Bike Path will be either reinforced or tested for their structural reliability to ensure their safety, starting at the end of the month, according t...

PH2020-02-10 09:20
15 hectares of lupine flowers in Taiwan’s Taoyuan set to please visitors’ eyes

Yellow and orange lupine flowers are in bloom at tea plantations in the Dabeikeng community and Sanhe Borough in Longtan District, Taoyuan in February and March every year, attracting many visitors to...

PH2020-02-09 14:40
New Taipei Lantern Festival shows off eye-catching designs

The annual New Taipei Lantern Festival kicked off at the New Taipei Metropolitan Park in Sanchong District on Friday (Feb. 7), attracting thousands of spectators to witness the specially designed illu...

PH2020-02-06 11:10
Taiwanese actor from Turkey supports Taiwan to be included in WHO

As the Wuhan coronavirus spreads globally, Rifat, a Taiwanese actor from Turkey, expressed his support for Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization (WHO) and introduced Taiwan's...

PH2020-02-06 10:10
Wholesaler Kuang Nan to release 500,000 free masks across Taiwan

Due to a severe shortage of face masks and in the wake of a new rationing system announced by the government, wholesale retailer Kuang Nan Fashion Shop (光南大批發-連鎖店) on Tuesday (Feb. 4) announced that i...

PH2020-02-06 09:20
A lost Japanese tourist helped by warm policemen to find her family

A Japanese tourist, Mrs. Dao Tien, and her daughter came to Taiwan for a tour with a group. On Jan. 29 in 2020, Mrs. Dao Tien's daughter accidentally got lost in the evening at the Shilin Night Ma...

PH2020-02-05 14:00
Taiwan to add travel history to health ID cards amid coronavirus outbreak

To prevent people from hiding their travel history when visiting the doctor and thus exploiting a loophole in the war on the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, Taiwanese health authoritiesannouncedon Tuesday...

PH2020-02-05 14:00
First batch of pineapples grown in S. Taiwan arrives in China

The first batch of pineapples grown in Taiwan’s southern county of Pingtung has successfully arrived in the Chinese city of Xiamen, CNA reported on Tuesday (Feb. 4), citing the Agriculture and F...

PH2020-02-05 10:50
2020 Taitung Balloon Festival postponed to July 11

Taiwan International Balloon Festival has become a big event in summer. In response to the delayed opening of universities and schools from the elementary to the high or high level and the delayed sta...

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