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PH2014-06-30 20:19
New Taipei City International Cultural Relic Exhibition kicks off

New Taipei City Government is celebrating the International Cultural and Education Month and will close at July 25. The International Cultural Relic Exhibition took place at New Taipei City Government...

PH2014-06-30 20:18
Yang Shu-fen leads Chinese American teenagers to present performance at NTHU

Yang Shu-fen is a dancer who had lived in the United State thirty-two years ago and had promoted the Chinese dance successfully. On June 28, she led a group of Chinese American teenagers back to Taiwa...

PH2014-06-30 20:18
Taiwanese women marry Muslims of Middle East

Chen Hui and Tso Shu-chin married to Middle East. They earlier joined the Overseas Chinese business in Muslims which held by Overseas Community Affairs Council of Republic of China for the first time ...

PH2014-06-27 20:11
Mo Lo-lan: True love exists in my life

Mo Lo-lan grows up in a rural village in Philippines who married with Taiwanese wife. He had proved himself by his movement to win the recognition of his parents-in-law who prejudice him against the F...

PH2014-06-27 20:11
Chinese-born new immigrant has a supportive mother-in-law

Wang Lin-feng married to Taiwanese from Hainan Province, China four years ago. The neighbors always look at her with a very peculiar expression, Wang’s mother-in-law always asks her to settle do...

PH2014-06-27 20:11
Nantou County Government invites foreign workers to visit Xitou

To offer foreign workers the appropriate casual entertainment, Nantou County Government will establish an event at Xitou Nature Education Area on July 6 and July 13, welcoming local foreign labors and...

PH2014-06-27 20:10
Daughter of single mother new immigrant studies cooperative program

Hou Hua-ming studies at cooperative program for Department of Beautification of Chien Der Commercial and Technical Vocational School and her mother brings home bacon after her father passed away. Hou ...

PH2014-06-26 21:33
Dr. Doris Brougham shares God’s love in Taiwan for over 60 years

The Lieutenant Governor of Washington Brad Owen visited Dr. Doris Brougham and praised her devotion to English-teaching education in Taiwan. Doris is the founder of Taiwan’s first and most popul...

PH2014-06-26 21:33
Lee Yung-hung rides bike to fight against cancer and shares life experience

Carrefour and Taiwan Cancer Society held the symposium at New Taipei City Library on June 24, inviting Chinese-born new immigrant Lee Yung-hung from Taichung City to share her life experience with aud...

PH2014-06-26 21:33
Vietnamese-born new immigrant Liu Hsing-chuan’s poem receives high recognition

Vietnamese-born new immigrant Liu Hsing-chuan had married Taiwan for fifteen years. She was keen on poems when she learned Mandarin. She studies hard and she can speak Mandarin fluently and moreover, ...