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PH2014-06-25 16:49
Single parent has two jobs to raise her son who suffers from ADHD

Chinese-born new immigrant Chia Kuei-tsui divorced with her Taiwanese husband and lives with her son. It’s tough even she has two jobs. She attended the single disadvantage family development pr...

PH2014-06-25 15:36
New Taipei City Government holds “7th Foreign Worker Singing Contest”

New Taipei City Government held the “7th Foreign Worker Singing Contest” finals on June 22. There are twenty-four contestants joining this competition including foreign workers from Vietna...

PH2014-06-24 21:58
Vietnamese assisted by NIA to obtain regeneration

A Vietnamese woman was cheated to Taiwan by human trafficker and forced her to prostitution in Taiwan. She now walks out of the depression as well as receives the assistance by the National Immigratio...

PH2014-06-24 21:58
Chinese born new immigrant Ming Hsin lives in Nantou County

Ming Hsin is a Chinese born new immigrant from Henan Province and currently lives in Guoxing Township, Nantou County. Because her name is unique, many people feel confused when Ming introduces herself...

PH2014-06-24 21:58
American woman becomes Taiwanese daughter-in-law in Kaohsiung

Lei An-na is an American who used to plan to stay in Taiwan for one year because she got tired of the life in Wisconsin. She determined to visit a strange place to have a new life. She met up her husb...

PH2014-06-24 21:58
NIA releases free counseling lines with seven languages

To provide foreigners and new immigrants the comprehensive services, obtaining the life information and problem solutions for adaption in Taiwan, the National Immigration Agency had released the free ...

PH2014-06-24 21:58
Vietnamese born new immigrant enjoys her life in Taiwan

Hsu Hui-pei comes from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam dates with a Taiwanese guy. They moved back to Taiwan after they got married. Hsu’s major in undergraduate degree in Vietnam is international bus...

PH2014-06-23 21:39
Pan Ching-sui becomes 1st foreign tea specialist in Lugu Township

Vietnamese born new immigrant Pan Ching-sui is the first foreign tea specialist in Lugu Farmer’s Association in Nantou County. Her outstanding bei tea skills help her to win the gold medal and s...

PH2014-06-20 15:25
Old man and young wife praised for several times

Hu Chih-yen is from Shangdong Province, China married with Taiwanese Kuo Huan-chun who is older than her thirty years old. They are a happy couple who have healthy relationship always make people jeal...

PH2014-06-20 15:24
Juan Hung-yun: It’s better to be a volunteer to help others than to cry at home

Taipei City Hospital earlier held the Volunteer award ceremony. The Vietnamese born new immigrant Juan Hung-yun won the outstanding service award. She acted as volunteer interpreter in hospital which ...