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PH2020-01-31 14:50
Tainan Promotes Mother Tongue Month to Stay Connected With Families

Taiwan is a multicultural society with rich and diverse cultural assets. To build To build a foundation of languages for families, the Bureau of Education of Tainan City, for the first time, has decid...

PH2020-01-30 14:40
Regardless of Nationality, CGA Rescues an Indonesian Fisherman

At around 10 p.m. on the 28th, an Indonesian crew member on a Kaohsiung Xingda fishing boat was accidentally hit by a broken wire rope on the ship, injured his left abdomen and left thigh, and urgentl...

PH2020-01-28 18:40
Father Verny's 30-Year Special Contribution to the R.O.C Identified

Father Verny Francois Albert Jean, from France, has made contributions to Taiwan and to care for disadvantaged students in rural areas for 30 years. Kaohsiung First Service Center of the National Immi...

PH2020-01-27 20:00
Taipei City Free English Timetable for Resource, Recovery, and Classification Provided for Foreigners

To assist the public in recycling more easily, the Department of Environmental Protection particularly produces an English version of the recycling timetable categorized into "recyclable items&qu...

PH2020-01-26 11:30
Taichung's Lanterns Laid Out for Migrant Workers to Feel the Concern and Warmth on Spring Festival

Taichung City has more than 100,000 migrant worker friends who came from many countries to Taiwan to work hard for a better life. Taichung is the second-largest city that has the most migrant workers ...

PH2020-01-25 16:20
Ministry of Labor's Start-up Loan Helps a Vietnamese Chef Achieve Her Dream

Ruan Baoying, who is a new resident from Vietnam and loves cooking, was encouraged by her friends to set up a stall at a night market. Her cooking skills that inherit from her family has gained a grea...

PH2020-01-23 15:20
New Southbound Educational Exchanges, Da-Yei Uni Signs an Agreement With Malaysia Merbau National Secondary School

President of the Merbau National Secondary School in Malaysia, Jumari Bin Hashim, leads the teachers and the students to visit Da-Yei Univerisity to observe its results of German mentorship and signs ...

PH2020-01-23 13:50
Mandarin Daily News How Young Representative, New Residents' Second Generation Displays Love and Strengths

Mandarin Daily News holds a selection "2019 How Young Representatives" that is categorized into four aspects: "Courage", "Versatility", "Social Engagement", and...

PH2020-01-22 15:20
Caring for Overseas Compatriot and Foreign Students, LHU Holds A Spring Festival Celebration

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology (abbreviated to the "LHU") has actively accelerated its internationalization to expand students' global visions and mobility. This year, the ...

PH2020-01-22 14:30
After Elections, Hsinchu County Conducts Non-Stop Human Trafficking Preventions

Following right after the presidential and legislative elections, Hsinchu County Government immediately convened a new "Human Trafficking Prevention Coordination Conference", which is hosted...

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