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PH2015-07-10 11:20
Indonesian arrested taking token from S’pore casino

An Indonesian was arrested last weekend in Singapore for taking a high-value token out of the Marina Bay Sands casino, based on an article of thr Jakarta Post. The man, who was identified as Denny ...

PH2015-07-10 11:20
Philippine ambassador visits Mary Jane in Yogyakarta

Philippine Ambassador to Indonesia Maria Lumen B. Isletta visited on Thursday Filipino drug convict Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso at the Wirogunan Penitentiary in Yogyakarta, according to the Jakarta Post. ...

PH2015-07-10 01:00
Yang Siao-ning sells painting to help water park victims

Since July 9, Yang Siao-ning, the Chinese traditional painting artist and several Chinese artists who are married to Taiwanese cooperate with Taiwan Law Advancement Association and Taiwan World Peace ...

PH2015-07-08 14:00
Indonesian police arrest student for bomb threats

The National Police said on Wednesday that they had arrested an Indonesian student for allegedly making hoax bomb threats against Singapore Airlines. “Yes, we arrested him at his house in Tan...

PH2015-07-08 11:20
Foreigner in Philippines tests positive for MERS virus

Health officials say a 36-year-old foreigner who arrived in the Philippines from the Middle East is under quarantine after testing positive for the MERS virus, based on an article of Asian's Corre...

PH2015-07-08 11:20
China to create $19bn fund to support plunging stock market

China has reportedly decided to bar new public offerings of stock and will create a fund to stabilize its stock market, which has been roiled by a wave of selloffs, according to the Associated Press. ...

PH2015-07-08 11:20
Beijing says its air pollution better in first half of 2015

Beijing's municipal government says air pollution in the capital improved during the first six months of 2015, according to the Associated Press. It said the concentration of PM 2.5 — tin...

PH2015-07-07 16:50
World’s oldest man dies in Japan at the age of 112

The world’s oldest man, a retired educator from Japan, has died at the age of 112. An official from the city of Saitama said Tuesday that Sakari Momoi died from kidney failure Sunday at a nur...

PH2015-07-07 13:50
Documents reveal details of Chicago woman’s killing in Bali

Indonesian court documents show that a man convicted in the murder of a Chicago woman in Bali arrived on the resort island hours before the killing and checked into a resort using her credit card. ...

PH2015-07-07 13:50
Indonesia to prioritize environmentally friendly power plants

Indonesian president Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has asserted that the government will prioritize the development of environmentally friendly power plants to meet its target of generating an addi...