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PH2015-06-23 17:00
Malaysia buries 21 Rohingya human-trafficking victims

Malaysian authorities have given a Muslim burial to 21 human trafficking victims, believed to be Rohingya Muslim refugees, found in shallow graves in jungles bordering Thailand. The 21 were among 1...

PH2015-06-23 17:00
City to employ Jakartan beggars

The Jakarta administration plans to employ beggars with Jakarta IDs at its sub-district offices, an official says. The latest data from the city’s social agency shows that it had arrested aro...

PH2015-06-23 12:20
Global News for New Immigrants now available for App

From now on, besides reading the news on the Global News for New Immigrants website, the App of New Immigrant News is also available, providing the news in Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia...

PH2015-06-23 12:20
Caloocan jail warden got fired after inmate’s escape

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology-National Capital Region (BJMP-NCR) sacked the Caloocan City Jail’s warden yesterday after an inmate escaped on Monday morning, according to the Philsta...

PH2015-06-22 17:00
Indonesian president to ban purchase of foreign boats

Indonesian president Joko "Jokowi" Widodo is to ban purchases of vessels from abroad in his efforts to boost national shipyard production based on an article of Jakarta Post. "Indone...

PH2015-06-22 17:00
Jokowi posts first tweet as President

Indonesian president Joko “Jokowi” Widodo posted his first tweet since being elected president on his official Twitter account on Sunday, marking his 54th birthday. “I'm thank...

PH2015-06-22 17:00
Thailand misses aviation safety deadline

The U.N. body regulating world air traffic says Thailand has failed to meet a deadline for addressing safety concerns about its oversight of its airlines, so it has been added to a list of nations who...

PH2015-06-22 17:00
Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi has fastest airport WiFi in the world

Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport has the fastest airport WiFi in the world, according to a new survey, based on an article of Asian's correspondent. Two other Asian airports &nd...

PH2015-06-22 10:40
Dragon boat festival in Luxembourg

On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, many overseas Taiwanese gathered together to make zongzi, and enjoy the seasonal atmosphere. Many of the zongzi were made by the sons-in-law of Taiwan, and alth...

PH2015-06-22 10:20
2015 Thai movie festival to take place on June 26

The Thailand Trade and Economic Office is partnering with the Taipei Department of Culture Affairs to launch a 2015 Thai movie festival at Taipei SPOT, inviting the public to watch movies and get to k...