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PH2020-01-22 11:10
NIA Invites A Judge to Lecture on Law for New Resident Friends

New residents not only need to adapt to a new life in Taiwan but often face issues of policies. Besides, they sometimes don't know who to ask for help because of language barriers and the lack of ...

PH2020-01-21 12:10
22 Foreign Students Wearing Chinese Jackets Write Spring Couplets Together at KMU

Kaohsiung Medical University( abbreviate to the "KMU") held the "Writing Spring Couplets for the Year of the Rat Makes Everything Great- Foreign Students Spring Couplets Writing" a...

PH2020-01-21 11:50
Love and Embrace, New Resident Section's Theme Lantern Debut

The new resident section's theme lantern, "Rong Yi" (融漪), at the"2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung" debuts on the 20th. There are also many new residents from Vietnam, I...

PH2020-01-21 11:00
Mountain Pagua New Residents' Cooking Skills Competition in Changhua County

With the approach of the Spring Festival, Changhua's largest new residents' cooking skills competition is coming! The "109th yearChanghua County 4th New Resident Reunion Mountain Pagua Co...

PH2020-01-20 16:10
Chiayi Military Dependents' Village Food and Culture Festival Comforts Elders' Nostalgia by New Residents' Cuisines

Organized by West Chiayi Shirakawa Development Association and directed by the Chiayi City Government, the "2020 Military Dependents' Village Food and Culture Festival" was grandly held ...

PH2020-01-20 14:50
The 2020 Year of the Rat's Great Harvest, New Residents in Taitung Celebrate the Spring Festival

To celebrate the Spring Festival, Taitung County Government and China Youth Corps held the "Taitung County 2020 Year of the Rat's Harvest Celebration" at the Young Indigenous Activity Ce...

PH2020-01-20 11:20
Penghu Becomes Taiwan's Most Muslim-Friendly Tourist Environment

Director of Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC, Xu Zongmin, stated during the Penghu Muslim-Friendly Tourist Environment Achievement Presentation a few days ago that Peng...

PH2020-01-18 14:30
New Taipei Labor Affairs Department Cares for More Than One Thousand Migrant Workers

The Labor Affairs Department of Taipei City Government has handled the care services for workers since 2018 and cooperates with 5 non-governmental organizations to actively contact migrant workers and...

PH2020-01-18 12:20
CSIC Celebrates Spring Festival With Hundreds of Overseas Students

The Chung Shan Industrial & Commercial School (hereinafter the "CSIC") in Kaohsiung has 688 overseas students, so the school organizes an ancestor worshipping Spring Festival activity fo...

PH2020-01-17 12:30
Free Learning Chinese Course for Migrant Workers in Taichung

To assist migrant workers in adapting to Taiwan, the Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government has continued handling free Chinese courses. This year, the first stage of Chinese courses for Vie...

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