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PH2019-12-21 15:50
Christmas in a Taiwanese Style, New Residents Singing the"Taiwanese Christmas Song"

"The north wind is screaming, who is hiding, a bag of gifts that Santa Claus is carrying..." That's right! This is the Taiwanese version of the Christmas song. The National Immigrant Age...

PH2019-12-20 15:40
The First "Taiwan Museum Pass" Allows You to Visit Top 9 Museums With One Card

The National Palace Museum cooperated with the top 9 popular museums to issue "Taiwan Museum Pass" that people can enjoy the unlimited access to "9 core museums totalizing 18 parks"...

PH2019-12-20 10:30
"New Resident and Children Empowerment and Educational Assistance Program" Starting on the 17th February Next Year

To provide proper assistance and rewards for outstanding new residents and their children, they are encouraged to obtain a Technician Certificate and cultivate outstanding students' talents to inc...

PH2019-12-19 14:40
One-Forty Promoting Migrant Workers Education Awarded by the Ministry of Culture to Create a Better Society

The Ministry of Culture's "Youth Village Cultural Development Project" competition has totalized 187 proposals of young people. After the preliminary and re-evaluation selection, 59 youn...

PH2019-12-19 12:20
Experiencing the New Life of Monther Tongues Through Games, Reading, and Performances to Pass Down the Culture

To create more opportunities for people to use their mother tongues in daily life, the National Hsinchu Living Arts Center held an advocacy event during this Christmas season, "Mother Tongues New...

PH2019-12-19 10:00
Count down to 2020 at Taipei's Maokong Gondola

For those wishing to skip the craziness of the countdown in front of Taipei 101, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) is offering up its Maokong Gondola as an alternative way to celebrate Chris...

PH2019-12-18 11:20
Are You Ready? Taiwan and the Netherlands' Working Holiday Deal Signed

Taiwan and the Netherlands signed an agreement on the 16th that Taiwan has become the 7th country to have linked a working holiday deal with the Netherlands. The ambassador from the Netherlands, Gu...

PH2019-12-18 10:40
Yunlin 2019 Multiculture Festival Advocating Anti-bribery

December 18 of each year is the International Migrants Day established by the UN. This day is aimed to appreciate and respect the contributions made by more than 20 million people. Yunlin County Go...

PH2019-12-18 09:40
Fireworks to light up Sun Moon Lake for New Year

Two 7-minute firework displays will simultaneously light up Sun Moon Lake to welcome the arrival of 2020, the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration (SMLNSAA) said in itslatest news release...

PH2019-12-17 11:20
The NIA and New Residents Support "Anti-bribery" and Celebrate Christmas in Mexican Way

With the approach of elections and Christmas coming at the time, Chiayi Service Station of the National Immigrant Agency particularly cooperated with Chiayi City Traditional Culture and Artistry Assoc...

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