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PH2020-03-30 16:10
Border Affairs Corps of NIA expresses gratitude for citizen's cheer-up letter

Official fanpage of the Minister of the NIA,NIA署長室, on March 18, posted a photo and stated that since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Border Affairs Corps of the NIA has also been actively carrying out...

PH2020-03-28 08:20
Experts warn against poor eating habits during quarantine

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world, people continue to quarantine themselves in their homes, but experts say lack of physical activity and poor eating habits pose ri...

PH2020-03-25 12:10
PH: medical team and free pizza sent to troops in Covid-19 checkpoints

Philippine Army (PA) commander Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay on Tuesday sent a medical team and free pizza to boost the morale of soldiers manning the checkpoints set up to implement the 30-day enhanced ...

PH2020-03-25 10:40
New residents' children admitted to their dream schools

Results of the Multi-Star Project and the Individual Application System have been recently released. Three students from Chang-Yie Senior High School in Taichung, including Ding Jiaxin, who are ad...

PH2020-03-16 21:30
Elder students of Da-Yeh Uni sew reusable face masks for foreign students

Da-Yeh University has been proactive in conducting epidemic prevention measures and cared if foreign students have sufficient masks to use. Hence, the school leads its elder students to sew reusab...

PH2020-03-15 19:30
National History Museum cooperates with Pinglin Tea Museum to launch Vietnamese audio guide service

The National Museum of History and the Pinglin Tea Museum jointly plan a special exhibition entitled "Tea travel- tea's timeless tour", which brings a long-standing history of Pingli...

PH2020-03-14 16:50
PH: Restaurants, some stores in malls eyed for temporary closure

Restaurants and stores inside malls that are not considered providing basic services and necessities will be ordered to close temporarily during the one-month community quarantine in Metro Manila ...

PH2020-03-11 15:40
PH: limit on purchases hygiene products to avoid panic buying

The Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association (Pagasa) is proposing to limit the retail sale of personal hygiene products per customer, as panic buying is now observed amid the coronavirus d...

PH2020-03-09 15:10
Taipei MRT to turn away passengers with fevers at 16 stations by end of March

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei Deputy Mayor Vivian Huang (黃珊珊) said on Monday (March 9) that 16 stations will include thermographic cameras (thermal imaging cameras) to screen out passengers ...

PH2020-03-06 08:40
Vietnamese new resident returns the favor to her senior care recipient

Ruan shi suo, a Vietnamese new immigrant, came to Taiwan when she was 23 and served as a caretaker. Her elderly care recipient (hereinafter the grandmother) was very kind to her. Ruan later got ma...

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