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PH2020-02-07 10:10
Taipei Visitor Information Center in the East and West, Let’s Welcome 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival

Thousands of lanterns are decorated in the streets! The grand opening of the 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival will be on the 8th! Double exhibition sections for the first time, which are located in Ximen ...

PH2020-02-07 08:40
Taipei Business Uni to postpone opening to March. 2 and to provide distance learning

To work with the epidemic prevention policy by the government and prevent the Wuhan pneumonia spreading, the National Taipei University of Business (abbreviated to the NTUB) postponed its opening incl...

PH2020-02-06 17:40
NIA carries out full epidemic prevention and inspects overseas passengers

Kaohsiung City Brigade of the National Immigration Agency received the report that four missing Indonesian migrant workers were found in a house at Chien Chen Dist. Apart from investigations following...

PH2020-02-06 10:30
Taichung City distributes lunch coupons to the disadvantaged on Feb. 6

In response to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that schools across the country from the elementary to senior high level would begin the new semester on Feb. 25....

PH2020-02-05 10:20
Taichung strengthens epidemic prevention and the care for migrant workers

Everyone is responsible for Wuhan pneumonia epidemic prevention. To work with the government, the First Precinct Taichung City Police Department particularly postedthe posters in four languages includ...

PH2020-02-04 12:30
Kinmen Family Assistance Center assists families of new residents in epidemic prevention

In response to the recent epidemic prevention and taking care of new residents' families who have less social resources, Kinmen Family Assistance Center will launch a market shopping service for t...

PH2020-02-01 12:10
First New Resident Principal in New Taipei City From Vietnam

The 109th prospective principals' recruitment in New Taipei City selected 7 senior directors out of 101 from elementary schools and 4 senior directors of 38 from junior high schools. The result re...

PH2020-01-31 14:50
Tainan Promotes Mother Tongue Month to Stay Connected With Families

Taiwan is a multicultural society with rich and diverse cultural assets. To build To build a foundation of languages for families, the Bureau of Education of Tainan City, for the first time, has decid...

PH2020-01-30 14:40
Regardless of Nationality, CGA Rescues an Indonesian Fisherman

At around 10 p.m. on the 28th, an Indonesian crew member on a Kaohsiung Xingda fishing boat was accidentally hit by a broken wire rope on the ship, injured his left abdomen and left thigh, and urgentl...

PH2020-01-28 18:40
Father Verny's 30-Year Special Contribution to the R.O.C Identified

Father Verny Francois Albert Jean, from France, has made contributions to Taiwan and to care for disadvantaged students in rural areas for 30 years. Kaohsiung First Service Center of the National Immi...

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