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PH2019-12-17 10:40
Celebrating International Migrants Day, Muslims Reading Books and Having Hometown Flavors Together

To welcome the coming of International Migrants Day on December 18, the Zhonghe Branch "Indonesian Reading Group"'s New Resident Families Culture Exchange Event, particularly invited the...

PH2019-12-17 10:20
'Ip Man 4' the first Hong Kong film to hit Taiwan in 4D

"Ip Man 4: The Finale” will be the first Hong Kong movie to be launched in 4D in Taiwan. The final installment of the Ip Man series stars Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and features heated battles fou...

PH2019-12-17 09:30
"New" Hearts Linked with Kinmen, Migrants Day Coming on Stage

Kinmen County Government held a grand "Migrants Day Multicultural Exchange: 'New' Hearts Linked with Kinmen" to celebrate International Migrants Day and invited the new residents and...

PH2019-12-16 15:50
NCCU New Southbound Taking a Step Forward to the World and Strengthening the Cooperation of Taiwan and ASEAN Higher Education Forum

"2019 Taiwan and ASEAN Higher Education Forum" was held today at the National Chengchi Unversity. There were 4 vice presidents of famous universities from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and ...

PH2019-12-16 14:20
Southeast Asia Educational, Scientific and Cultural Association Won the 3rd New Taipei City Culture Award

The 3rd New Taipei CityCulture Award was held on the 14th at the Yingge Ceramics Museum. The winners include Ceramist Sun Chao, the king of puppetry, Xu Wang, the temple painting expert, Zhuang Wunan,...

PH2019-12-16 11:00
Luggage Fair Culture Exhibition, Chunghua and New Residents Celebrating International Migrants Day Together

Chunghua County Government held "2019 International Migrants Day Celebration Event-the 108th Chunghua County Outstanding New ResidentsFamily Award Ceremony and WomenEducational Achievements Prese...

PH2019-12-16 10:50
Taichung City Selected Out 1st Prize "Black Flurry Ice Cream" in Top 10 Souvenirs

The 11th Taichung Souvenirs Festival started on 14th at Taichung City Hall Square. It attracted over 10,000 people to vote and 100 souvenirs shops which were selected to set a stand. The voting result...

PH2019-12-15 22:00
Yunlin Having Fun with New Residents, Multiculture Carnival Representing New Residents' Vitality

Yunlin County Government held "Multiculture Carnival and Care Consultation Achievenmnets Presentation to show new residents' energy at Douliu Renwen Sports Park. Apart from the activity of Vi...

PH2019-12-15 10:10
Kenyan runners win Taipei Marathon 2019

Kenyan runner Kenneth Mburu Mungara won the 2019 Taipei Marathon men's division on Sunday (Dec. 15) with a time of 2 hours, 14 minutes and 54 seconds; while the female champion, Kenyan Antonina Kw...

PH2019-12-14 21:40
Taitung Migrants Day Event on 14th Invites New Residents and Families to Enjoy

Taitung County will be holding a celebration event for Migrants Day on December 14 on the third floor of the International Hall at Wedding Banquet and invites the new residents in Taitung County to jo...