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PH2019-11-09 09:00
Korean National Day and Armed Forces Day @ Makati Shangri-La

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea recently held a reception for Korean National Day and Armed Forces Day at the Makati Shangri-La. Among the guests were representatives from the government, diploma...

PH2019-11-08 11:00
Taiwan sees mercury drop to 16 degrees on Lidong, 1st day of winter

Today (Nov. 8) is Lidong (立冬), the first day of winter on the lunisolar calendar, and the lowest temperature recorded in the nation this morning was 16.4 degrees Celsius, hinting at colder weather to ...

PH2019-11-08 09:10
‘Quiel’ now a severe tropical storm

“Quiel” (Nakri) has strengthened into a severe tropical storm Thursday morning but it remains less likely to hit any part of the Philippine landmass, weather forecasters said. Severe tr...

PH2019-11-07 17:30
BBC science show Click presents Taiwan invention the AirBox

In its latest edition, the BBC’s weekly science show Click presents technology made in Taiwan, including the AirBox designed to fight pollution. At the origin of the invention was concern abo...

PH2019-11-06 18:10
Japan railway company invests in Taiwan five-star hotel

Japan's JR-East railway company is planning to invest in the five-star Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei, which is expected to open in 2021. To mark and strengthen the friendship between Japan ...

PH2019-11-06 11:00
ARC number format to match Taiwan national ID in 2020

The Taiwan government's planned change of the numbering system for Alien Resident Certificates (ARCs) to match that of the Taiwan national identification cards is to go into effect by October 2020...

PH2019-11-05 13:30
BRP Conrado Yap sent to secure southern Philippine waters

The Philippine Navy isdeployingBRP Conrado Yap, a corvette capable of anti-submarine operations, to guard the southern maritime boundary of the Philippines. The BRP Conrado Yap (PS-39) in the Zambo...

PH2019-11-05 12:30
‘Beautiful’ robot to speak English with students in S. Taiwan

An AI with female features will be holding an educational discussion with students in Kaohsiung on Wednesday (Nov. 6). Sophia was the world’s first robot to be accorded legal personhood. With...

PH2019-11-04 14:40
Taiwanese businessman to be bestowed Japan's second highest medal for foreigners

Taiwanese businessman Lin Por-fong (林伯豐) will be conferred with Japan’s second most prestigious medal for foreign nationals on Thursday (Nov. 7), making him the first Taiwanese to receive such a...

PH2019-11-03 10:30
‘Angat can withstand strong quake

Angat Dam has already been retrofitted to withstand a strong earthquake, officials said yesterday. Sevillo David Jr., executive director of the National Water Resources Board, said the rehabilitation ...

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