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PH2020-01-13 12:00
Bilingual Spring Couplets, New Residents in New Taipei Experience Chinese and Western Combined New Year

To welcome the coming of Lunar New Year, New Taipei City Service Center of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) particularly invites calligraphy professionals of the Xinzhuang Shenshi Organization(新莊...

PH2020-01-12 16:10
Hsinchu Hsin Ke Junior High First Bilingual School Expands Global Vision

To improve students' international competitiveness, Hsinchu City Government has promoted bilingual education for the first time at Hsin Ke Junior High School in Academic Year 108, subsidizes 2 for...

PH2020-01-11 16:50
Yunlin Provides Guidelines for Migrant Workers to Work and Live in Peace

The total number of migrant workers in Yunlin County has been increasing year by year and currently exceeds 20,000. To allow these migrant workers who have come to live and work in peace in Taiwan, Di...

PH2020-01-10 16:10
2020 Lanterns Light Up New Taipei City's Sky

"2020 New Taipei Golden Rats Lantern Festival" will be grandly held from February to March 1 at the New Taipei Metropolitan Park. To create a colorful lantern festival for Lunar New Year, De...

PH2020-01-10 15:20
Miaoli Invites New Residents to Join In "Returning to Parents' Home" Event for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is the most important festival in Taiwan, and daughters returning homes is a traditional Taiwanese custom. However, for the new residents who came to Taiwan for marriage, they are often...

PH2020-01-09 15:50
Three in One Welfare, Athletes' Village Transformed for Abused Women and Children to Live in Peace

Researches show that it takes an average of seven years for a woman to decisively leave from a violent environment. To help abused women rebuild their lives, New Taipei City Government has promoted &q...

PH2020-01-09 11:30
Foreign Professor Fosters NHU Students' Global Visions

The 21st century has marked by frequent international movements. Not only do college students embrace new knowledge and culture in the international community, but more and more foreign professors thi...

PH2020-01-08 15:30
Drive out the Old and Bring in the New for Lunar New Year by New Resident Cleaning Cooperative

The Lunar new year is approaching, and every family in Taiwan will have a year-end clean up to bring a new atmosphere. The New Resident Cleaning Cooperative in Kaohsiung established last year has been...

PH2020-01-07 10:00
Improving Foreign Caregivers' Skills, New Taipei Initiates Home Guidance for Free

New Taipei City has 98,851 migrant workers, of which in-home caregivers account for 40% (more than 39,000 people). To improve the nursing skills of in-home caregivers, New Taipei City initiated the fi...

PH2020-01-06 15:00
JinWen University Vietnam Program Students Experience Taiwanese Traditional Agronomy Through Folk Activities

JinWen University of Science & Technology held a folk custom experience activity for the Vietnam Program students and encouraged those Vietnamese students to learn about Taiwan ’sagronomy an...

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