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PH2021-04-01 10:00
2021 World Travel Awards nominees in the Philippines

According to philstar Global, the Philippines and the Department of Tourism were once again included in the list of nominees for the 2021 World Travel Awards Asia Edition. The Philippines secured t...

PH2021-03-31 17:00
Taipei to offer kids free amusement park admission from April 2 to 5

According to Taiwan News, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) will offer children unlimited free Maokong Gondola rides and free admission to the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park during the u...

PH2021-03-30 19:30
Meeting the owner of a Filipino restaurant in Taichung

The NIA Global Newsreporter visited a Filipino restaurant and met a Filipino new immigrant named Pinky. Read her story below. The first time I met Pinky, she was singing and taking photos with her...

PH2021-03-30 13:00
Taiwan Spring Blossom markets to unfold on weekends

According to The China Post,“Spring Blossom Markets” will take place in early spring at the Zhongshan Station, which is home to the best restaurants and bars in Taipei. The markets feat...

PH2021-03-29 16:00
Taiwan’s National Performing Arts Center links up with 3 other theaters in Asia

According to Taiwan News, the National Performing Arts Center in Taipei City has linked up with three other Asian theaters to design programs for the Asia-Pacific region under the title of “Asia...

PH2021-03-29 13:00
Taiwan's Starlux starts Ho Chi Minh flights

According to The Standard, Taipei-based StarLux Airlines announced that it will start flights to Ho Chi Minh City on May 13, 2021, following increased demand for business travel and good market prospe...

PH2021-03-28 15:00
2021 Creative Expo in Taiwan

According to Taiwan News, 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan, which highlights the nation's environment, handicrafts, cuisine, and culture, will take place from April 16-25. The Ministry of Culture canc...

PH2021-03-28 13:00
Thailand celebrates Elephant Day in 2021

According to Reuters, Thailand held a fruit banquet for dozens of elephants in the ancient capital Ayutthaya, continuing an annual event which has been a big draw for foreign tourists in the hope they...

PH2021-03-28 11:00
2021 Nyepi is a one-day celebration

According to COCONUTS BALI, this year’s Nyepi, or the Balinese Day of Silence, will only be observed for one day, Bali’s leading religious authority has confirmed. The announcement has ...

PH2021-03-28 10:00
Homegrown delivery service app toktok now delivers in the Philippines

According to INQUIRER.NET, homegrown app toktok expands its delivery services and opportunities nationwide. The Philippines’ homegrown delivery service app toktok now offers its delivery serv...

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