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PH2020-01-13 14:50
A Girl from an Immigrant Family Decides to Settle in Taiwan from the UK

When she was thirteen, Su Xin moved to the UK with her father who had a teaching job in the UK, completed the bachelor's degree, and had worked for a couple of years. However, to accompany her par...

PH2020-01-13 13:50
Hongkong Couple in Taiwan for 3 Years Gives Feedback on Caring Animals to Society

A couple from Hongkong, Meng Yufen and Deng Yingchang who has moved to Taiwan for nearly three years likes Taiwan very much and has always wanted to contribute to this land. They served as volunteers ...

PH2020-01-13 09:50
From Air to Sea, Tourism Industry Expects 20% More Indian Tourists to Taiwan

South Asia's Leading Travel Show (SATTE), known as the biggest tourism expo in South Asia, held an opening on the 8th. Singapore Trade Office in Taipei of Tourism Bureau of R.O.C established a Tai...

PH2020-01-12 16:40
Ilocos Norte: Tourism firms reminded of no accreditation, no biz permit policy

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte has reminded all tourism enterprises to secure their accreditation with the Department of Tourism (DOT) before their issuance of business permits. Provinci...

PH2020-01-11 23:20
Travel agencies still thrive amid growing online platforms

Services of travel agencies remain relevant despite the rise of online travel platforms, the Philippines Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) said Friday. In a press conference, PTAA president Ritchi...

PH2020-01-11 22:10
Travel expo puts spotlight on families, offers huge discounts

Traveling is one of the ways for families to bond and create great memories. This is one of the things that the Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) wants to highlight in its latest expo. ...

PH2020-01-11 21:10
Ukrainian-born actress votes for first time in life in Taiwan

Ukrainian-born model and actress Larisa Bakurova voted for the first time in her life Saturday (Jan. 11), in Taiwan’s presidential and legislative elections. Bakurova, 34, never had the oppor...

PH2020-01-10 10:00
Taiwan encourages Middle East tourism

Taiwan Tourism Bureau's Singapore Office Director Trust Lin (林信任) said a Taiwan tourism service center will be established in Dubai this year as part of a push to attract more people from Middle E...

PH2020-01-08 16:50
Higher Entrance Fees at Ilocos Norte Tourist Sites Loom

Visiting all provincial government-owned tourism facilities in Ilocos Norte may cost a little higher this year to cover operational expenses and maintenance. Ian Ree Raquel, head of the Provincial ...

PH2020-01-08 13:30
Australia Bushfires: New Resident Wu Feng's Appeal for Daily Environmental Protection

Australia is facing the worst wildfires seen in decades, and the burned area is equivalent to three times the size of Taiwan. Since the heatwave is usually expected to peak between the end of January ...

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