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PH2019-10-26 14:20
Philippines Losing US$20 Million a Month to African Swine Fever

The Philippine hog industry is losing nearly $20 million a month from African swine fever infections, agricultural officials said on Friday, after announcing the virus has also been detected in some p...

PH2019-10-26 12:20
Philippines to Lift Ban on Foreign Research Ships

The Philippines will lift a 2018 moratorium on foreign scientific research in its exclusive economic zone so it can exploit marine resources, the national security adviser said on Friday. President Ro...

PH2019-10-25 16:00
MOI Promotes Citizen Digital Certificate Verified on Mobile Phone

People need to use citizen digital certificate depend on card reader in the past. However, as the Internet generation comes, MOI proposed to use citizen digital certificate on cell phone. Users only n...

PH2019-10-25 16:00
Philippines Climbs in List of Business-friendly Economies

The Philippines tallied big gains in terms of being more business-friendly as permits and requirements have been relaxed, according to the World Bank. The Philippines climbed to the 95th spot in th...

PH2019-10-25 13:40
Taiwan Sign MOU with Vietnam to Defend African Swine Fever Together

African Swine Fever continuously spread in Europe, Asia and Africa. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in China in August last year, 10 countries have been affected. After the outbreak of African swin...

PH2019-10-24 15:40
Tourism Bureau Hosts Workshop in Vietnam for Travel Operators

The Tourism Bureau hosted a workshop in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang to promote its initiative project Taiwan Quality Tour for travel operators that provide Vietnamese visitors with tourism products...

PH2019-10-24 12:50
NIA Urge Anti-bribery Election with New Residents

As the voting of the presidential and legislators’ elections approaching next year, in order to protect the rights and justice of people, the NIA Second Service Station in Tainan cooperated with...

PH2019-10-24 10:10
Taiwan High Speed Rail extension to Yilan could become a reality

It will take only 13 minutes to travel the 50-kilometer route from Nangang, Taipei, to the northeastern city of Yilan by Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) if a proposed extension from Taipei becomes a real...

PH2019-10-23 17:10
NIA Caring and Praised Achievement for Outstanding New Residents in Taoyuan

The Head of North District Affairs Brigade Tang Minyao (唐敏耀) accompanied with officials of Mainland Affairs Council and Straits Exchange Foundation to visit outstanding new residents in Taoyuan and sh...

PH2019-10-23 13:50
Interpreter and Professional Nurse Mentoring Migrant Workers

Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government will hold the sharing presentation of “2019 Taichung City Cultivation of Migrant Worker’s Caretaking Skills Project” at 7th floor of ...

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