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PH2021-05-02 17:30
Taoyuan mayor temporarily suspends two elementary school classes due to CAL outbreak

Due to the CAL coronavirus outbreak, two elementary schools will switch to online courses starting from April 28 till May 4. According to The China Post, Taoyuan mayor Cheng Wen-tsan (鄭文燦) ordered ...

PH2021-05-02 14:30
Overseas student shares his love of Taiwan

Guan Zai (關哉) believes that the saying, “the most beautiful scenery of Taiwan is its people” is the best way to describe Taiwan. Guan Zai is an international student from Myanmar. He of...

PH2021-05-02 13:00
Documentary shorts starring Tsai Ming-liang will premiere at New York film festival in June

Malaysian-born director Tsai Ming-liang was interviewed in a VR film directed by Clement Deneux. And the film will be premiered at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival in June. According to TAIP...

PH2021-05-02 12:00
Taoyuan International Airport ranks fourth busiest airport amid Covid-19 crisis

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ranked fourth in the busiest international cargo airport in the ACI world airport traffic ranking. According to TAIWAN TODAY, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airpo...

PH2021-05-02 11:00
President Tsai opens first MRT Green line in Taichung City

Taichung is officially entering a mass rapid transit (MRT) age as Taiwan city's green line begins full service on April 25. According to TAIWAN TODAY, President Tsai Ing-wen officially opened T...

PH2021-05-02 10:00
Philippine Government enforce traffic laws to protect the right of bike commuters

The Philippines government are protecting bike lanes to provide a safe space for bike riders, because of the absence of adequate public transportation. According to Sunstar, Motorists who use desig...

PH2021-05-02 09:00
The Philippine government plans to build field hospital

According to philstar Global, the Department of Tourism (DOT) signed an agreement with the Manila city government for the construction of a mobile hospital in Rizal Park. The Manila mega field hosp...

PH2021-05-01 19:30
104 Job Search website now provides multiple languages for their users

【NIA Global News】/translated by Amy Hsieh 104 Job Search website (104人力銀行) launch a "2021 Job-matching Program for Students from Diplomatic Allies d Emerging Markets” program in partners...

PH2021-05-01 18:30
Taiwanese NASA engineer shares stories of Ingenuity helicopter flights on Mars

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter completed three ambitious flights on Mars, and the Taiwan-born engineer Yen Jeng (嚴正), member of the NASA's Perseverance rover team, shared the behind the scenes st...

PH2021-05-01 15:30
2021 New Taipei City Literary Award — New Immigrant Creative Writing” — Submissions open with prizes as high as 20,000 NTD

【NIA Global News】/translated by Amy Hsieh The 2021 New Taipei City Literary Award is calling for submission, the award includes the “New immigrant creative writing “category. The 20...

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