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PH2019-12-10 10:00
Celebrating "Paskong Pinoy", Taoyuan City Square Shining the South Seas Style

Manila Economic and Cultural Office annually holds "Paskong Pinoy" in Taiwan. On December 8, nearly a thousand Philippine migrant workers gathered together to celebrate Christmas in advance ...

PH2019-12-09 17:00
Hualien Happy Christmasland Providing Multiple Payments Service

In response to the expansion of the fall and winter domestic travel subsidy program of Taiwan Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Hualien County Government held the “...

PH2019-12-09 15:20
Creating a Friendly City for New Residents, Taoyuan’s International Migrants Day Carnival Going on Stage on 15th

Taoyuan City has diverse and rich ethnic features, and its number of new residents and migrant workers ranks fourth and first respectively in Taiwan. To welcome the arrival of the International Migran...

PH2019-12-09 14:20
Hualien’s International Migrants Day with Ethnic Fairs Going on Stage

The United Nations (UN) established December 18 as International Migrants Day to call on countries to value the human rights of the immigrant and respect multiculturalism. In response to the Internati...

PH2019-12-09 12:30
"Taiwan, Diversity Calls It Home", The Annual Event for Migrants Day Sparkling Chimei Museum in Tainan City

To manifest the implementation and importance of immigrants’ human rights and multiculturalism, the Ministry of the Interior set December 12 as the “Migrants Day” of Taiwan. The Nati...

PH2019-09-10 17:00
Global News for New Immigrants Is Recruiting Video Ambassador to Promote the Cultural Diversity

「Global News for immigrant」 recruiting for video ambassadors to promote multiculturalism. 2019-09-04 15:00 To provide opportunities for new residents in Taiwan and the new second generation to becom...

PH2019-07-30 11:40
480 Seconds Fireworks will enliven the Dadaocheng Chinese Valentine Celebration

The annual “Dadaocheng Chinese Valentine Celebration” will be held on August 3 and August 4 at Yanping Riverside Park in Dadaocheng area. There will be some love creative stands market tha...

PH2019-07-23 14:00
Kaohsiung Museum of History & Railway Museum in Saitama. A railway technology exchange exhibition between Taiwan and Japan

Kaohsiung Museum of History and the Japanese Railway Museum will display display together the "Trans-oceanic Railway Technology - Railway Museum Exchange Exhibition" focusing on the history ...

PH2019-07-22 10:50
The New Taipei Documentary about Migrant Workers has Play in the Theater for Free

The New Taipei City Labor Bureau filmed “the Local Outlanders” and played in the 3 theaters and got huge responses. The New Taipei Labor Bureau also held a premier screening event at Xinzh...

PH2019-07-12 15:00
The new residents of Lanyang experience the culture and gastronomy of the aborigines

In order to let the new residents in Lanyang know the culture of the Atayal aborigines in their area, the NIA Yilan County Service Station, in conjunction with the Yilan County Aboriginal Office, host...