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PH2019-10-24 15:40
Tourism Bureau Hosts Workshop in Vietnam for Travel Operators

The Tourism Bureau hosted a workshop in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang to promote its initiative project Taiwan Quality Tour for travel operators that provide Vietnamese visitors with tourism products...

PH2019-10-24 12:50
NIA Urge Anti-bribery Election with New Residents

As the voting of the presidential and legislators’ elections approaching next year, in order to protect the rights and justice of people, the NIA Second Service Station in Tainan cooperated with...

PH2019-10-24 10:10
Taiwan High Speed Rail extension to Yilan could become a reality

It will take only 13 minutes to travel the 50-kilometer route from Nangang, Taipei, to the northeastern city of Yilan by Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) if a proposed extension from Taipei becomes a real...

PH2019-10-23 17:10
NIA Caring and Praised Achievement for Outstanding New Residents in Taoyuan

The Head of North District Affairs Brigade Tang Minyao (唐敏耀) accompanied with officials of Mainland Affairs Council and Straits Exchange Foundation to visit outstanding new residents in Taoyuan and sh...

PH2019-10-23 13:50
Interpreter and Professional Nurse Mentoring Migrant Workers

Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government will hold the sharing presentation of “2019 Taichung City Cultivation of Migrant Worker’s Caretaking Skills Project” at 7th floor of ...

PH2019-10-23 11:00
New Taipei's 2019 Christmasland gala lights up on Nov. 15

New Taipei City's annual Christmasland light show will light up on Nov. 15 in New Taipei City Plaza and will include light shows, market fairs, stage performances, and concerts by well-known music...

PH2019-10-22 16:40
Instant Noodles Shines in New Southbound Culture in Campus

The New Taipei City Education Bureau advocates primary and secondary school teachers to integrate multiculturalism into the courses. There is a teacher present Vietnamese and Taiwanese instant noodles...

PH2019-10-22 15:40
SW Taiwan train tours to Alishan and its maples

For train tours up the mountains to admire the nation's colorful maple tree leaves look no further. Alishan Forest Railway and the Cultural Heritage Office (AFRCHO) will start tours to maple tr...

PH2019-10-22 15:00
German TCM practitioner and stinky tofu lover becomes naturalized Taiwanese

A German academic and medical professional has become a naturalized Taiwanese citizen after practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Taiwan for 12 years. Silver-haired, with deep-set facial...

PH2019-10-21 18:10
Will Smith tries Taiwanese food at Taipei's Ningxia Night Market

During a visit to Taiwan to promote his new film, American actor Will Smith toured a night market on Friday (Oct. 18) and sampled a number of popular Taiwanese dishes. Smith arrived in Taipei on Fr...