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PH2020-01-09 11:30
Foreign Professor Fosters NHU Students' Global Visions

The 21st century has marked by frequent international movements. Not only do college students embrace new knowledge and culture in the international community, but more and more foreign professors thi...

PH2020-01-08 15:30
Drive out the Old and Bring in the New for Lunar New Year by New Resident Cleaning Cooperative

The Lunar new year is approaching, and every family in Taiwan will have a year-end clean up to bring a new atmosphere. The New Resident Cleaning Cooperative in Kaohsiung established last year has been...

PH2020-01-07 10:00
Improving Foreign Caregivers' Skills, New Taipei Initiates Home Guidance for Free

New Taipei City has 98,851 migrant workers, of which in-home caregivers account for 40% (more than 39,000 people). To improve the nursing skills of in-home caregivers, New Taipei City initiated the fi...

PH2020-01-06 15:00
JinWen University Vietnam Program Students Experience Taiwanese Traditional Agronomy Through Folk Activities

JinWen University of Science & Technology held a folk custom experience activity for the Vietnam Program students and encouraged those Vietnamese students to learn about Taiwan ’sagronomy an...

PH2020-01-06 11:10
New Taipei Promotes International Exchange Program, Students Share Cross-Cultural Learning

Education Department of New Taipei City Government selected and sent 30 high students to study in the US and Canada for three weeks in October of 2019. There were also 6 achievement sharing sessions h...

PH2020-01-04 12:40
Passing Down Creative Lantern Culture, New Resident Parents' and Children's Exotic Paintings

To pass down the culture of the Lantern Festival, Taichung Der Whau Primary School holds a "painting lantern festival" activity and invites new resident parents and their children to partici...

PH2020-01-03 15:10
Year-End Dinner of "Vietnamese Cultural Campus in Chiayi", Director Ruan Jinhong Invites Outlanders to Reunite

A Vietnamese documentary director, Ruan Jinhong and Mr. Cai Chonglong and his wife have initiated "Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam" (Vietnamese Cultural Campus in Chiayi) and ...

PH2020-01-03 14:20
Visiting Tainan to Create a Livable City for Immigrants

Mayor of Tainan City, Huang Weizhe, and the personnel of the Department of Labor conducted a field survey of Foreign Worker's care service plan on the 2nd. The chairman of the Solar Applied Materi...

PH2020-01-03 12:30
Hsinchu County's Brilliant Flag Raising Ceremony on 1/1, New Residents Lauded for Integrating into Society

Hsinchu County Government held the "Hsinchu County Flag Raising Ceremony in 2020" that was themed with "all five arrows creating the glory" on January 1 at the square of the city g...

PH2020-01-02 15:50
Implementing the Plan for Foreigners' Life Care, Tainan Visits Enterprises to Show Care for Migrant Workers

On the first day of 2020, Tainan City Mayor Huang Weizhe and the Migrant worker inspectors of the Department of Labor visited the Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp. to show that they value migra...