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Don’t Be Fooled! “Libra” Fraud Website Promotion Offers, 87% Looks Like the Original

2019-06-28 10:50

Don’t be fooled! Facebook on June 18 announced the idea of the cryptocurrency called Libra (LBR), but the listing schedule has not been set yet. However, there is a scam on the internet, there is a fake website that has made a “Libra pre-order offer”.

Libra has been published recently, many investors who are interested in virtual currency are eager to move. Google Trend shows that about the Libra’s search, most of them are asking “how to buy Libra” or “Libra exchange rate for other virtual currencies.” There are some people with bad intentions who take the advantage of the investors’ mentality who cannot wait about it, imitates Libra official website, set up a fishing trap on the US forum website Reddit, promote the “pre-purchase offer” gimmicks for the Ethereum (ETH).

Libra official website is, but the scam website changed the normal “i” to “ì” (with the accent above), and where the upper right corner of the official website is “Get Started”, the scam website is “Pre-Sale Libra Currency”.

If you press the button in the upper right corner of the fraudulent website, the website will lead you to the payment screen, where “25% discount” or “pre-sale coins have sold 93%”, let the investor panic, therefore quickly enter the Ethereum wallet address to complete the remittance.

Since the phishing website lists the exchange rate of 2 ETH = 600 LBR, which is very close to the official exchange rate of Facebook, where 1 LBR = 1 USD (market price during the time of writing is 1 ETH = 329 USD), easier for investors to be fooled.

Facebook official has not release the Libra listing schedule and circulation yet, the investors should not easily believe in any gossip in order to avoid the scam.

The fake website for the scam of Libra pre-order offer (source: fake website)

(說明:The fake website for the scam of Libra pre-order offer (source: fake website))

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