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Anti-Bribery Education Starts from the New Generation in School

2019-11-16 13:10

     The immigration agency service center in Yunlin drove a service car to Yunlin Er Lun elementary school with the Yunlin District Prosecutors Office to promote the concept of anti-bribery to those second generation of the new residents.

     The number of the new resident population has reached to sixteen thousand, so this is important to help those who has the right to vote to understand the rule of law. The immigration agency drove a service car to Er Lun elementary school, promoting the idea of anti-bribery to those new generation kinds in order to have some impact on their parents. The immigration agency taught the kids about what will a bribery be like in an interesting way by showing them some picture cards. And also, they prepare some quizzes to let the kids understand bribery in an easier way. Moreover, they prepare some anti-bribery promotion brochures in Vietnamese and Indonesian for the kids to bring them back home. Grad five Indonesian second generation, Jie ,said his mom seldom go out even for work because of the language barrier. He said he will bring the brochure back home to her and tell her not to accept any gifts from strangers or join any free tours to stay away from the acts of bribery.

     The director of the immigration agency Yunlin service center, Huang, said, “The service car actually begins with the purpose of caring new residents twice a month within the counties. However, because of the number of the new residents has increased. We are worried that they won’t understand laws and regulations because of language and culture barriers.”  The service car now serves the new residents with all kinds of legal aids including residency rules. Huang hopes that the anti-bribery service car promotion can not only bring joys to those kids and also start to educate them the rule of law and let them bring those knowledges back home.

The immigrant agaency pictured with kids in Er Lun elementary school/  the immigrant agency photo

(說明:The immigrant agaency pictured with kids in Er Lun elementary school/ the immigrant agency photo)

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