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33 Taiwanese illustrators greet the world through Online Illustration Exhibition《Home Town Taiwan》

2021-04-18 17:30

According to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston, Online Illustration Exhibition《Home Town Taiwan》 focus on the idea of ‘HOME’ and sends missing and blessing to the world during the pandemic.

 Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy in Houston is happy to work with internationally renowned children’s book artist Page Tsou to set up an online exhibition called《HOME TOWN TAIWAN》.

This extraordinary illustration exhibition, which features 33 Taiwanese artists, centers on Taiwan and discusses the definition and meaning of home. At the same time, it hopes to reflect on both the physical and psychological distance between people as a response to the global pandemic. Through virtual form, the exhibition conveys the amazing power of illustrations which comforts and connects human hearts across borders.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. “Hometown Taiwan” showcases 10 Taiwanese illustrators’ 59 works inspired by their lives in Taiwan. The style and subject each artist adopted are different, presenting various sides and impressions of Taiwan.

The organizers hope this online exhibition will allow people from around the world to try a taste of Taiwan's charm and distinctive sceneries without the need to travel. They also hope these works may soothe many of the homesick Taiwanese who cannot currently travel to Taiwan.

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“Hometown” is not only the common theme of these illustrations, but a concept common to everyone as a place from which one draws strength and warmth when faced with difficulties or frustrations.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston mentions, the other part of the exhibition, “Messages from Taiwan”, is about greetings from faraway places. 29 Taiwanese artists to were invited create their works in the form of a postcard. The illustrations are more than just private messages between friends, they are the messages that Taiwanese artists would like to send to the world. Illustrations have the power to cross language barriers and lift people's hearts. We hope these beautiful pictures will bring hope and blessings to all who take the time to view these masterful illustrations.

《HOME TOWN TAIWAN》will be open to the visitors from all around the world from January 25, 2021 to November 25, 2021.

Although Taiwan does not have the romantic vibes of Paris or the chic cityscapes of New York, it is the place we live in. It is our sweet home. The architectural style of house may vary from nation to nation, but the warm feeling a home has to offer is very similar. This exhibition is to showcase the appearances of everyday life in Taiwan through the eyes of different artists. And we hope you can cherish everything you have now.”   Page Tsou, Children's book artist.

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Home Town Taiwan

Organizer : Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy in Houston

Curator : Page Tsou

Facebook: Home Town Taiwan

Image courtesy of Home Town Taiwan Facebook.

(說明:Image courtesy of Home Town Taiwan Facebook.)

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