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Experience Game Culture in Asia on the International Migrants Day

2019-11-29 13:30

Have you ever thought of that the shuttlecock from Vietnam can be bounced up to the second floor? And, do you know that Congklak from Malaysia is one of the oldest games in the world? Also, Sepak Takraw is one the most iconic game from South East Asia. Moreover, you can learn about Taiwanese aboriginal six venomous snakes by playing the snakes n' ladders. To celebrate the upcoming International migrants Day, New Taipei City Xinzhunag Yumin Branch library creates activities for everyone to experience playing the games from other Asian countries.

New Taipei City Library stated that the United Nation has marked Dec 18th as the International Migrants Day since 2000. New Taipei city has the largest new resident population with the number of 100 thousand people. In order to learn more about the new resident, Xinzhunag Yumin Branch designs four multi-cultural activities, including toys experience, board games experience, illustration books, and story books.

On Nov 30th, there is going to be the multi-cultural toy experience. The Play Association of Taiwan will show us toys from Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Hongkong, Israel and Japan. Dec 7th and 14th will be the board game activities for people experience board game from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Israel, India and China. There are also ten board games which are claimed to be the oldest ever in the world and history.

Besides, Shulin Branch Library presents cultural trips for the new resident in Shulin. The Shanjia alley trip for Vietnamese friends will take place on Nov 30th, while the old temple trip for Indonesian friends will take place on Dec 7th. There will be translators following along when visiting the tourist spots and tasting local foods in Shulin. For all the new resident who are interested to sign up. Please visit New Taipei Resident website.

Board game experience/ New Taipei City website photo

(說明:Board game experience/ New Taipei City website photo)

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