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Secure your ID documents when applying for a job

2020-08-05 08:30


The National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area, Ministry of Finance, stated that it received man reports from citizens who told that some companies fudged on their incomes. The Bureau reminded citizens to avoid easily giving personal IDs and important documents to others.


Citizens shouldn't easily hand over their ID cards or seals to others when applying for a job or receiving their salaries. Besides, they should check if the information on their printouts of salaries is correct and remember not to sign on salary slips, the Bureau further stated. If they found any false piece of information is wrong, they can first check with the withholding agencies. After checking, they can collect their relevant supporting documents to report to local taxation bureaus.


If any individual who has relevant issues, please call 0800-000321 or visit local taxation bureaus.


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